Google Pixel 2 to be launched to join the Race with Samsung and Apple

There are rumors afloat in the market that says that Earlier Google is about to launch the Pixel 2 in competition with the latest flagship phones of Samsung and Apple, to begin with. Samsung and Apple are the most sought for phones on the market with quite a number of models to meet the individual requirements but nevertheless, Google is not far behind. Google was reported to have dual camera in upcoming Google Pixel 2 somewhat not as good as Apple or Samsung. It was a little less than the Samsung S8 smartphone.

Google Pixel 2 leaked image
Google Pixel 2 leaked image

However, things are about to change taking into account that Google has been working on making improvements in its predecessor models from head to toe. In Google Pixel 1, there were a few flaws which over a period of time have been taken into notice and the necessary changes in the technology and the outlook have been made right there. Thus, we can expect a much improved and appealing phone altogether for the users.

This time the camera of the phone has also been worked upon and has better resolution, power and clarity compared to the predecessor. So much so that it can give a neck and neck competition to Samsung and Apple at once.

The resolution of the camera might be somewhat similar to the latest Samsung models however the appearance of it may be similar to Apple’s iPhone 7. Thus, Google is rumored to ensure a ‘best of both worlds’ as we say it.

The first generation of the phone was well accepted by one and all across the globe and Google is expecting its next flagship phone to be an even better version of the first. 16 megapixels Camera is provided in this new model and it is better than ever in terms of capturing modes, clarity and resolution.

There are other features also which have been looked upon by the company and a lot of it pertains to the appearance of the device. These days survey has claimed that people prefer phones which have larger screens but are easy to handle. Thus, Google ensured that a larger screen by reducing on the top and bottom bezels considerably.

This gives a good classy appearance to the phone and makes it look larger and slick. The release date of this amazing device is yet to be confirmed by the company.

There are multiple sources that claim a number of features of this amazing model by Google, other than the superb camera and the amazing visual display. But not many of it has been confirmed yet. Most of the news about this model is still hush-hush by the company and thus not many things are out in the open.

The release date for one, in various countries, is yet to be known. All the Google users are waiting in anticipation for the launch of the new model so that they can at least try to get a glimpse of the real model and get it for themselves at the earliest. For further updates, do follow our latest posts and also don’t forget to share.


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