Flux-weed Cultivation In Hogwarts Legacy:

Fluxweed Cultivation In Hogwarts Legacy:

Flux-weed is one of the many plants you may cultivate while playing Hogwarts Legacy. It’s an item you’ll need for many potions, and your instructors will want you to get it often while playing the game. While Flux-weed may be purchased from a variety of merchants, we highly advise you to start producing it in the Room of Requirement. Here’s all you need to know about growing Flux-weed in Hogwarts Legacy.

What Is Flux-weed Used For:

Flux-weed Seeds in Hogwarts Legacy are utilized to produce Flux-weed Stems, which are required to make Concentration Potions, which shorten the cool-down timer for spells. Flux-weed Stem, Lacewing Flies, & Dugbog Tongue are required to make these potions. You’re undoubtedly wondering how you can obtain Flux-weed Seeds or even Flux-weed Stem if you have the Galleons.

Where To Find Flux-weed Seeds:

The easiest method to get Flux-weed seeds is to go to Hogsmeade and look for the Magic Neep merchant in the northwest corner of the hamlet. This is one of the first stores in the neighborhood, and you’ll be able to buy a Flux-weed seed here.

Growing Flux-weed Seeds:

But, before you may grow any plant in a huge pot, you must first acquire the Room of Requirement and the Conjuring spell.

Using the Conjuring spell, go to Hogwarts’ Room of Requirement and make a Potting Table with a Big Pot. Just choose the Fluxweed option from there. You’ll have to wait 15 minutes before being able to harvest the Fluxweed, which has five different applications.

You may additionally improve the plant’s output by adding fertiliser, which can be obtained at the Magic Neep for 300 galleons. After the countdown is out, all you have to do is interact with the Potting Table again to gather all of your Flux-weed Stem.

Buying many tables with Big Pots is the most efficient approach to ensure you have sufficient of this on hand for any potions you need to make.

How to Make Focus Potions:

When you’ve obtained the Flux-weed, you’ll probably want to begin brewing your own potions in the Room of Requirement. To do so, though, you must first get some potion formulas from J. Pippin’s Potions. This shop can be situated in the northwest corner of Hogsmeade, immediately before crossing the bridge to The Magic Neep. You may buy the following recipes, components, and battle equipment for crafting potions here.

Potion Recipes:

  • Focus Potion Recipe – 1200g
  • Thunderbrew Recipe – 1200g
  • Invisibility Potion Recipe – 800g
  • Maxima Potion Recipe – 500g


  • Ashwinder Eggs – 150
  • Dugbog Tongue – 100g
  • Horklump Juice – 50g
  • Lacewing Flies – 100g
  • Leaping Toadstool Caps – 150g
  • Leech Juice – 150g
  • Spider Fang – 50g
  • Stench of the Dead – 100g
  • Troll Bogeys – 100g
  • Mongrel Fur – 50g

Combat Tools:

  • Focus Potion – 500g
  • Thunderbrew – 1000g
  • Edurus Potion – 300g
  • Invisibility Potion – 500g
  • Maxima Potion – 300g
  • Wiggenweld Potion – 100g


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