What Is Ancient Magic In Hogwarts Legacy?

What Is Ancient Magic In Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy allows players to explore the magical realms of Hogwarts & Hogsmeade in addition to unearth numerous wizarding world mysteries. Ancient magic is one of the world’s best-kept mysteries. This old power is long gone in the Harry Potter novels and films, with merely its mention. But, in Hogwarts Legacy, we learn a lot more about this unique kind of magic. Here’s all you need to know about Hogwarts Legacy’s ancient magic.

What Exactly Is Ancient Magic?

Ancient magic is a very old and powerful sort of magic that had been forgotten by the 1800s, the time period in which the game is set. It is so uncommon that the Professors at Hogwarts are unaware of its existence. People who can use it are thought to be exceedingly special. In battle, the wielders may unleash ancient magic to do deadly harm to their opponents.

The protagonist, Percival Rackham, & Isidora Morganach are the three recognized wielders of ancient magic. Surprisingly, all three entered Hogwarts as 5th year students. As a result, it is probable that ancient magic is linked to late bloomers in some way.

We first encounter it in Hogwarts Legacy, when the protagonist notices its remnants as a blue glow while on their trip to Hogwarts. Eventually, they realize that they can use it in fight and unlock numerous mysteries endowed with ancient power. 21

Hotspots of Ancient Magic:

This is because they are often near Floo Flames, allowing you to go rapidly and locate them. The toughest part will be figuring out the riddles.

List Of All Ancient Magic Hotspots:

  1. Collector’s Cave Floo Fire
  2. East Hogsmeade
  3. Northwest Of Hogsmeade
  4. West Forbidden Forest
  5. Rookwood Castle
  6. South Poidsear Coast
  7. South Of Phoenix Mountain Cave
  8. Marunweem Bridge
  9. Northwest of West Manor Cape
  10. South Of Cragcroft Shore
  11. Southwest Of Coastal Mine
  12. West Of Keenbridge
  13. East Of Feldcroft
  14. Northwest Of Keenbridge
  15. South Of Lower Hogsfield
  16. West Of Brocburrow
  17. South Of Brocburrow
  18. Southeast Of Keenbridge
  19. Southwest Of Irondale
  20. North of North Feldcroft

A Guide to Acquiring and Working with Ancient Magic:

When the player is on a quest to get to Hogsmeade and has to defeat the troll in the later stages of a game, they will be able to utilize ancient magic correctly. Players would be able to view ancient magic in the early parts of the game, but they won’t be able to use it until later. You will have the ability to make use of the old magic there, even while the battle is in progress.

When your ancient magic bar, which is blue in color, is at its maximum, you will be able to activate the Ancient Magic ability. You may fill up the meter by executing combinations on different types of foes. After it is finished being filled in, a prompt to employ ancient magic will appear.

When foes are struck with ancient magic, they are either put to sleep or entirely annihilated, making this a useful option for finishing moves. In addition, players may add more power to their combinations by collecting the blue orbs that fall from defeated adversaries. These orbs can be used to fill the meter.

The Ancient Magic toss ability enables you to employ ancient magic to pick up and hurl things at adversaries, giving you an advantage in combat. When there are things in the vicinity that can be thrown, a prompt will display. When used in battle, this ability does more damage to human foes than it does to non-human foes.


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