First Details of Samsung Galaxy S9 Emerge, Company Working on Two Different Versions

  • Reports suggest that Samsung working on two different versions of Samsung Galaxy S9
  • The report is based on two different firmwares that company is developing for the devices;
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to be launched in February at MWC.

It has just been a month since launch of Galaxy Note 8, but Samsung is already working hard on the next big thing. The first details about Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 series have come out, and they’re hardly surprising.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera
Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

The details suggest that just like every year in 2018 too we will have two different version of Samsung Galaxy S9 – a normal version and a Plus version.

The details have come from the sources of SamMobile, and they’re based on the premise that Samsung is working on two different firmware versions for its Galaxy S9 flagship. One of the versions is G960FXXU0AQI5, while another is G965FXXU0AQI5.

These numbers not just reveal the SM-960 and SM-965 model numbers for both versions of Galaxy S9, but also fall inline with company’s numbering scheme so we’re pretty much confirmed that these two belong to the Galaxy S9 series.

The trend of two different versions isn’t new for Galaxy S series. The company first launched two variants of its Galaxy S flagship in 2015 with Galaxy S6. One of them was a flat screen version while another was a curved screen version.

Over the course of next two years Samsung entirely ditched the flat screen thing as popularity of its curved displays increased, but it still kept launching the device in two different variants. What it did instead was using the Plus versions to launch the same device with bigger screen size, battery and storage capacity. So this current trend is likely to be followed for Galaxy S9 too.

The SamMobile report also suggests that company has started the work on firmware two weeks earlier than usual. While a difference of two weeks doesn’t necessarily mean an early launch, we still can’t deny an early launch because company has to counter the influence of iPhone 8.

This year company had launched the S8 in April, but that might’ve happened because they also had the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco to manage. Otherwise there were reports hat company was planning to launch the device at MWC in February.


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