Finding Arrest Records and Snitch Story of 6ix9ine Not as Popular as New Video “GOOBA”

6ix9ine in Gooba Music Video Wearing Rainbow Bubble Coat
6ix9ine in Gooba Music Video Wearing Rainbow Bubble Coat
6ix9ine in “Gooba” rap music video

Daniel Hernandez, famously known as Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine, made a record-breaking debut with his new song GOOBA barely one month after being released from prison. The Coronavirus pandemic couldn’t have come at the right time for the artist as he was released on the virus spreading concerns.

The artist was a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang and was arrested back in November 2018 on charges that included illegal firearms possession, and racketeering. The ex-on should write a book on  how to be successful after people finding arrest records,as he’s still thriving. One look and all will see on the star’s criminal history he’s been charged for aiding in an attempted murder case. He had pleaded guilty for the charges and was then sentenced to prison.  Yet he still got a $10-million-dollars deal while locked up.

But that is not all, instead of heading to prison for an estimated 37 years, he decided to cooperate with the Feds to get his time reduced. This bore fruit as he only got 24 months inclusive of the 13 he had already served. That is quite a big gap to be filled, meaning the information he gave must have been substantial.

So what did he say?

Tekashi Snitched on….

To get his time reduced, snitching on Cardi B and Jim Jones came easy to Tekashi69. On the third and final day of testimony in the racketeering case in the Manhattan federal court, he disclosed that Cardi B, one of the best female hip hop artists today, was a gang member of the Bloods. And on the same platform, he mentioned that the rapper Jim Jones was an affiliate member of the East Coast gang Nine Trey. This was in addition to snitching on several of his gang members, one of which got 15 years [read here].

Well, all this traction made waves in the social media world, and people took to forming the hashtag #Tekashisnitch9. He still had some more things to say about his part in the attempted murder of the rapper Chief Keef. He had asked his friend Kooda to shoot Keef with a promise to pay him $20,000 but ended up spending half the amount since Kooda fired into the air.

Snitch and Liar!

Know of the kidnapping he encountered? Well, it turned out it was all a lie! He staged it all, and he confessed to it. The reason 6ix9ine gave the court was that he was humiliated. Tekashi69 took his falling grace from stardom as a huge ego blow. Thus snitching on Cardi B and Jim Jones, as well as lying, was the way to go. Tekashi69 also came clean that the Pony chain he claimed was stolen during the kidnapping was given free by a jeweler who used him as a promoter. All this was clout chasing (fame chasing) to create waves so that his album FEFE would sell.


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