Elevate your brand by owning your own ROKU channel

Last year 172.1 million peopleused an Internet-connected TV. Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Chromecast TV are taking over traditional TV.

Businesses are asking “How could this help our business, and how do we make it happen?”

Smart TV platforms offer many benefits. If your business has found great success with video marketing, ROKU TV channels are the way to go. ROKU allows you to reach a wider audience on their living room TV.

Multiple revenue opportunities are available,. You can offer premium content that requires a subscription or a pay-per-view type model. Advertisements can also be integrated, like in traditional TV, to generate revenue.

Having your own ROKU channel is a great way to highlight your products and services. Roku provides a clean and very easy-to-use interface where prospective customers can browse infotainment-like content that holds the audience’s attention while educating them on your products and services.

Roku also allows you to Live Stream. This is a great way for your current and potential clients to watch, on the big screen, live events, conferences, keynote speeches, product announcements, or even Webex training and webinars that you’d like to share with the public.

Building a ROKU channel is not like building a website. The process instead can get a bit complicated, and for that reason, it’s spawned a number of new tech companies that specialize in building and supporting these types of apps for you.

One such company is Dash Media TV. This rapidly growing startup not only builds out channels for various platforms but they’ve also worked to build their own platform that allows businesses to manage their apps and the content in a centralized, easy way.

When asked why businesses and brands need to look into smart TV technology Dash Media TV, COO Valerie McClary said:

“ The biggest reason that Roku and other OTT apps make perfect sense is that people are cutting the cord. The fact is that those under the age of 35 are never going to get cable. Mobile phones and TV-connected devices are how they consume content and in a decade they will be the largest buying market in the world.”

The success of this new technology shows that like websites, iPhone apps, and Facebook pages, smart TV apps have become the platform that businesses need to pay attention to if they want to reach the next generation of both consumers and business owners.

By Duncan Wierman
Executive Producer Dash Media TV.


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