Everything We Know About The Beast From The Bunker In Amnesia

Everything We Know About The Beast From The Bunker In Amnesia:

You play to be Henri Clement, a soldier who feels haunted by his past and is in the middle of World War I. Players are thrown right into the action in Amnesia: The Bunkers.

As you leave the ditches and are forced into the Bunker, which used to be a safe place, Henri wakes up and discovers that he must battle the horrors inside for the first and last time.

Something scared the troops so much that they blew a hole in the Bunker and left Henri and some other sick troops behind. Some people went crazy and were compelled to stroll around the Roman Tunnels till they got hungry.

But if you’re thirsty and want to get away, is what you’re going through real or is something more evil going on? This is an introduction to the Monster within Amnesia┬áThe Bunker written by Vincent.

Within Amnesia The Bunker, players are always running, hiding, or moving within to prevent The Beast, a huge monster that haunts the named bunker.

This creature represents an unknown evil that will strike anything that moves as well as come out of holes in the building’s walls when a loud noise occurs. But players don’t get much information about what the monster called “The Beast” is, so that’s why we made this guide.

What Is The Monster?

In the beginning of the story of Amnesia: The Bunker, the main character, a soldier named Henri Clement, wakes up in the hospital after being knocked out by a cannon blast. He finds himself alone within a French bunker.

But it soon becomes clear that it wasn’t the enemy troops who killed a whole company of soldiers inside the bunker. Instead, it was something much more evil.

Your friend Augustin Lambert was the one who saved your life by carrying you to the bunker.

After drinking a little sweet water from the explosive’s crater, he got a sudden boost of strength and was able to get you both out of the bomb crater and into the friendly bunker safety.

Even though you were hurt, you managed to stay alive. In the days that followed, Augustin began to lose his head and his humanity.

In Amnesia: The Bunker, the monster is real and not something the main character made up. This is different from the other games in the series. You can see its work everywhere in the room you are in.

The troops didn’t know what’s hit them because there were dead people and body parts all over the place. They were scared and trying to put up homemade barriers. Finally, out of desperation, they locked themselves in their private rooms. But it still came for them all.

The Tale Of Two Soldier Brothers:

Only Henri’s best friend and fellow soldier, Lambert, goes through this change. This is the man who saved Henri from the ditches. He was subsequently discovered at the bottom of a pit, ringed by the strange rocks.

Even though the Intro makes it seem like Lambert died in the explosion, we find out that he made it back to the Base without a scratch. Henri, on the other hand, lost his faculties and almost died when the bombs went off.

Lambert’s life changed because of what the rocks did to him. It made him stronger than ever, which made Lambert happy at first. But his concentration on how much he missed his daughter and his anxiety about his fellow soldiers led him down a bad road.

In his diary, Lambert talks about how he was stabbed in the back. We also learned that Henri feels bad about something he did and is too sick to eat because of it.

Even though I don’t know if these diary entries are true or not, I question if Henri had anything to do alongside Lambert sliding into that pit in the first place.

At this point, Lambert had changed into the Beast which we all know. He started killing his other soldiers by hiding within the walls as well as grabbing them as they walked by.

He became sensitive to light and afraid of it, which drove him to live within the rocks that made up the form of the Bunker. This probably changed him even more because he was connected direct to the rocks.

If you discover the Bunny toy, throw it at the Beast when he comes off to attack you. You will see an emotional scene where Lambert, the Beast, responds to the Bunny.

Later, he will take this to his den, which he calls “the Chapel,” and put it on the table in front of the door. He will likely pray to see his child again.

The only thing that makes me confused is that what you accomplish in the final boss fight doesn’t change how the game ends, but it does give you a different Achievement based on what happens to the Beast.

If you leave the Bunker without slaying the Beast, I would have liked to see something such as the “Goodbye Friend” Achievement that links the two friends together.

Can You Kill The Beast?

In Amnesia: The Bunker, players may eliminate the monster called “The Beast” by breaking the wooden beams it stands on in the game’s last room.

The best way to accomplish this is to toss the Rabbit Toy on one of the bridges made of wood and blow it up with a bomb or shoot it using a shotgun whereas The Beast is doing something else. By throwing a bomb at the right time, we were able to eliminate the beast with no the Rabbit Toy.


The Beast, as the people who made Amnesia: The Bunker call it, is a humanoid being with long arms that end in big claws and legs that look like those of a beast.

One thing that makes it stand out is that it fears the light, which fits with the fact that it looks like it lives underground.

It moves around in the base’s walls, making a variety of noises, and gets in through holes all over the bunker. In this game, it’s important to pay attention to what they say because they can sometimes tell you when the Beast was coming.

Only the Admin Room is secure since there’s no holes in it. Make sure to lock each doors. Always know where the hidden places are. The best places for this are closets.

Pay attention to the sounds. Don’t make big noises or charge your dynamo torch if the Beast is close. If nearby lights start to blink, that’s also a sign that the Beast will arrive, so you should find a place to hide right away.


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