How To Find And Use The Rabbit Toy In Amnesia The Bunker

How To Find And Use The Rabbit Toy In Amnesia The Bunker:

In Amnesia, the latest game in the highly praised survival horror series by Frictional Games, there is a monster called the Stalker.

Within Amnesia The Bunker, gamers can’t get clear of the Stalker till the very end, yet they can scare him away with guns and things they can throw, like bombs or Molotov cocktails.

The Beast can be briefly distracted by the Rabbit Toy, which is accessible while wandering the bunker.

Within Amnesia The Bunker, you can find the Rabbit Toy by going into the Roman Tunnels close to where you got the Detonator implement and moving a barrel to open a secret tunnel.

In Amnesia The Bunker, players are going to discover many notes that tell stories as they move through the dark passageways. These were written by different troops who used their lives in the cave. They explain what some of the items found in the surroundings mean.

But there is one thing that players won’t find unless they are looking for it as a prize. This guide tells you where to look for the Rabbit Toy, since you’re almost never going to find it by accident.

Rabbit Toy Location:

The Stalker, who used to be called Augustin Lambert, had been the main character’s best friend during World War I. After falling into a huge hole and hurting himself, Lambert drank polluted water from another world that the main character, Henri, gave him.

This turned Lambert into a bloodthirsty ghoul. Even though he was mostly crazy, Lambert still loved the rabbit toy he got for his son. Whenever it was thrown at him, it would distract him. He would pick up the toy, stop chasing it, and bring it back alongside him through cracks.

From the story of the game, it is clear that Lambert lost the rabbit toy when he fell into the hole in the game’s opening. But it’s not easy for teams to get because it’s found very late within the game. The hole in question is not half of the bunker.

Instead, it is within the Roman ruins outdoors the bunker. Near the Arsenal part of the bunker, there is a secret tunnel with lots of obstacles and a dangerous enemy that leads to these ruins. For a safe trip through the Roman ruins to the rabbit toy, you must accomplish the following goals.

Get a pair of Bolt cutters. You can find these in the German prisoner’s cell in the area of the Bunker called “Prison.” We have to go through doors with chains on them.

Don’t lock down. Take the lockdown wheel from Delisle’s locker and turn it on the control screens in the hallway to lift the lockdown.

Keep the engine running. The generator is in the Admin office in the Central Bunker area of the map. Without light, the Stalker will chase players more often, so missing this part places them in real danger.

Grenade If players want to get through the next fight without any problems, they should use a bomb. But since explosives are so rare, they should only be employed as a last option.

How To Play With The Rabbit:

In Amnesia: The Bunker, the Rabbit Toy is a very useful item. It will confuse the Beast for approximately 10 seconds if you toss it near it.

Throw the Rabbit Toy upon the ground when the Beast is close. The Beast will come up to it and look at it, giving you time to get away.

This should be used when you meet the beast for the last time to get the “Kill the Beast” ending.

When the Beast keeps following you in a place with multiple bridges, toss the Rabbit Toy upon a bridge made of wood to draw the Beast there, then use a bomb or the Shotgun to break the bridge. This will eliminate the Beast and give you a safe way out of the bunker.

How Accomplish I Get The Achievement “Toy Collector”?

For the Toy Collector Trophy as well as Achievement in Amnesia: The Bunker, players require to choose up the Rabbit Toy in the crater area, which is near the Roman Tunnels in the second part of the game’s story. If players follow the above instructions, as soon as they pick their toy, the

Achievement will pop. This corresponds to the Bronze Trophy on PS5, but at the time of writing, we don’t know what the Achievement was worth upon Xbox or Steam.


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