Every Single Place Where Stronghold Can Be Found In Diablo 4

Every Single Place Where Stronghold Can Be Found In Diablo 4:

Strongholds in Diablo 4 are small, open places that look like dungeons. Players can go there to get great prizes, like Renown and XP. Most of the time, players have to finish a set of jobs before they can face the boss of the Stronghold and get their prizes.

Players’ tasks are laid down for them when they get to the site of each Stronghold, so all they really need to do is locate that spot.

Strongholds are hard tasks that can be found all over Sanctuary in Diablo 4. Fans will be able to use their skills and tools to fight in exciting ways in these small caves.

But it can be equally difficult to find them as it is to take them down. Because of this, people who play Diablo 4 ought to keep an eye out as they move around the map.

In Diablo 4, there are 3 Strongholds within every single area of the map, for a total of 15. If players would like to find all of them, they will need to find out where each one is.

You can do this on your own, but it will be easier if you already know where the Strongholds are. Below, you are able to see where each of Diablo 4’s 15 Strongholds is on the globe of Sanctuary.

To help Diablo players find and take on these unique areas, we’ll talk about where each Stronghold is, as well as where it is in the world and what you will encounter when you get there.

How Do Strongholds Work?

In Diablo 4, Strongholds are like small caves that are found within the open world.

They are usually hidden in bigger areas, like abandoned towns, castles, or shrines, and have tough enemies as well as bosses, in addition to particular tasks for people to do. Strongholds can be taken on at any point in the story or after the game is over.

Strongholds in Diablo 4 aren’t an easy task because they’re almost always a number of levels above your character’s level and have especially tough fights. But if you free a fortress, you get great benefits such as EXP, gold, loot, as well as the most Renown you can get.

Every Single Place In Diablo 4 Where Strongholds Are:

Here is a list of all the Strongholds in Diablo 4 and some information about what to expect there. Each of the game’s five regions has three Strongholds, for a total of 15 to finish.

Strongholds Of The Fractured Peak:

In Fractured Peaks, the three Strongholds are to the north, southwest, as well as east of Kyovashad.

Kor Dragan:

Kor Dragan is the most northern point of the Fractured Peaks. It is to the north of Kyovashad as well as Sarkova Pass. It’s full of vampires, and it’s one of the few Strongholds where the enemies are the same level as you.


Nostrava rises above the starting town of Nevesk. It is in the southwest corner of the Fractured Peaks. This Stronghold won’t have higher-level enemies, and once it’s done, it will be a place where traders can set up shop in Diablo 4.


It is just north of Gale Valley and straight east of Kyovashad. This Stronghold has enemies that are two levels higher than the player can defeat ice foes, so drink an Elixir of Cold Resistance before going in.

Where Is Scosglen Stronghold?

Scosglen was where the Strongholds start to get harder. Some of them are hard to get to because they are in dangerous places. All of the threats in these Strongholds are stronger than the player.

Light Of Hope:

This Stronghold is on the northernmost peninsula of Scosglen as well as is hard to get to. Once you figure out how to get close to the spot, go into a lighthouse and you’ll soon fight Tidewatch Ne’gana.

Moordaine Lodge:

This Stronghold is near The Shrouded Moors in the eastern portion of Scosglen. Once you start cleaning up the area, the Great Beast of Moordaine is going to be called, and you’ll have to beat Fionnir a Mad Druid to move on.

Tur Dulra:

The 3rd Stronghold is on the edge of Scosglen that faces west. You require to find an object with a runestone on it. This will call forth Druid Spirits. If they give up their lives, the Infernal Tormentor is going to show up. You have to beat him to finish the Stronghold.

Strongholds In The Dry Steppe:

In the dry steppes, the Strongholds are much closer together than in other places. This makes it easier to get around.

The Onyx Lookout:

This Stronghold is in the middle of the Dry Steppes as well as south of the primary city of Ked Bardu. There are several ways to get in, so players can get out if their health goes too low.

Temple Of Ruin:

We thought that this was a single of the hardest Strongholds within Diablo 4, since players had to fight several deadly enemies and a very hard boss.

What’s Left Of Qara-Yisu:

The last Stronghold of Dry Steppes is located in the southwest part of the area, right next to the road that goes to Fractured Peaks.

Location Of Kehjistan Strongholds:

The desert may be harsh, and Kehjistan has some very hard Strongholds to make things even worse.


This Stronghold is located in the northern region of Kehjistan. You have to go deep into it until you find Rashta, the Mad Surgeon.

After you beat her, look around the Witch’s lair and kill the monsters to find Rashta’s Simulacrums. Kill them all and go return to the Lair of the Witch to beat Rashta Reborn for good.

The Altar Of Ruin:

This Stronghold is in the northwest of the area, and you have to be at least Rank 48 to go there.

Omath’s Last Stand:

This Stronghold is at the southern end of Kehjistan. To finish the area, you must beat High Priestess Hadar.

Place Of Hawezar Strongholds:

This is the last place you’ll go in Diablo 4, if you abandon the primary story. Some of Sanctuary’s most dangerous Strongholds are in Hawezar.

Crusaders’ Monument:

Found north of Hawezar’s largest town, Zabinzet, as well as the western part of the area as a whole.


Vyersez, a Stronghold within the center of a swamp, isn’t for the weak-hearted. To find it, you will have to go to the extremely southern end of the area.

Eriman’s Pyre:

Eriman’s Pyre is a fiery Stronghold in the north of Hawezar. It is full of enemies that give fire damage.

And that’s all the Strongholds we have in Diablo 4 right now. Most of them are easy to find, but some are harder to get into, and all of them will test your abilities to the fullest.


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