All The Places You Can Find Waypoints In Diablo 4

All The Places You Can Find Waypoints In Diablo 4:

In Diablo 4, Hawezar is the south-eastern part of the land of Sanctuary called Estuar. This area has a lot of swamps, ponds, and fens, which make it hard to get around on foot or by horse. Six Waypoints are spread out across the map, which makes it easier to get around.

In Diablo 4, there are a number of Waypoints in each area. If you don’t know where they are, it can take a while to locate every Waypoint in Diablo 4.

Waypoints are helpful when you’re moving because they let you move across the whole map in just a few seconds.

You can move quickly between towns as long as each town includes a Waypoint. Please read on to find out where all the Waypoints are in Diablo 4 and to see our Waypoint map.

These places give players the option of quickly travelling over long distances, but they can’t be used until players find them and turn them on.

There are many big areas to explore in Sanctuary, so it makes sense to take advantage of them whenever you can. The following guide to all the places within Scosglen within Diablo 4 will help anyone who wants to go on a journey find their way.

In this guide, we’ll talk about every Waypoint Location within Diablo 4, including important ones like towns. We’ll also talk about each area and the unique needs for each Waypoint.

How Do Waypoints Work?

Waypoints are Diablo 4’s fast movement system. They let players teleport to cities and villages all over Sanctuary. You can get these as you go around the world and take down certain Strongholds.

Whenever you discover a Waypoint, there are usually some traders nearby, like a Blacksmith or Jeweler, who can help you fix, improve, sell, or sort your gear, gems, and sockets.

To use a Waypoint, all you have to do is touch it, and then it will start to glow blue. Once this happens, you’ll be able to go there quickly whenever you want.

You can also get Renown by finding Waypoints. Each Waypoint you trigger will give you twenty Renown points, which will help you move up in that area.

How Do I Get Diablo 4’s Fast Travel To Work?

In Diablo 4, you can use fast travel once you reach Kyovashad. To do this, you must follow the main narrative as well as beat the initial boss and level.

When you get to Kyovashad, go to the centre of the city to find the initially Waypoint. Waypoints are shown on the map with a cross inside a circle.

Every Location Of Every Waypoint In Diablo 4?

Below, you’ll find a list of all the Waypoint sites in Diablo 4. We’ve broken them up by area so it’s easy to see how many there are in each and where they are.

In each area, there are between six and eight Waypoints, for a total of thirty-five. Most are discovered during the narrative or while travelling, while a few are discovered after Strongholds have been cleared out.

Location Of A Waypoint In Fractured Peaks:

The Cathedral of Light is in the Fractured Peaks, which is a cold area. This area has a lot of snow-covered mountains as well as landscapes, a few places where the snow has melted, and some places that look like grimy dream worlds.

In Fractured Peaks, there are seven Waypoints. They are in the following places.

  • Nevesk
  • Yelesna
  • Nostrava
  • Margrave
  • Menestad
  • Kyovashad
  • Bear Tribe Refuge

Place Of The Waypoint In Scosglen:

Scosglen is an area that looks a lot like Scotland. It has hills, lakes, and a strong nomad impact.

In Diablo 4, this area was home to the druids and their college. Many characters, stories, and towns in this region have images that are druidic in style. In this area, there are a lot of wild woods and moors.

In Scosglen, there are eight Waypoints, which can be found in the following places.

  • Tirmair
  • Cerrigar
  • Corbach
  • Marowen
  • Túr Dúlra
  • Braestaig
  • Firebreak Manor
  • Under the Fat Goose Inn

Location Of A Waypoint In The Dry Steppes:

The Dry Steppes constitute a rocky, broken-down place with even rougher enemies. This area is full of wastelands and valleys, and there are always fights between different groups.

Barbarians, blood magic, and cannibals roam the land here, looking for a fight. In The Dry Steppes, there are eight Waypoints. They are in the following places.

  • Jirandi
  • Farobru
  • Alzuuda
  • Ked Bardu
  • Fate’s Retreat
  • Hidden Outlook
  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu
  • The Onyx Watchtower

Place Of The Waypoint In Kehjistan:

Kehjistan was the desert area of Diablo 4, with large stretches of sand and scenery that look like they are from the Middle East. There are two different types of ecosystems in this area. One is full of sand mounds and deserts, and the other is a thick jungle.

This area has been taken over by cultists as well as demons who want to witness Prime Evil return within all its glory. In Kehjistan, there are six Waypoints. They can be found in the following places.

  • Gea Kul
  • Tarsarak
  • Denshar
  • Altar of Ruin
  • Imperial Library
  • Iron Wolves Encampment

Waypoint Location In Hawezar:

Hawezar has swamps, jungles that haven’t been tamed, and woods. Witchcraft and thieves are popular in the area. There are a lot of bad witches and shady people in this area, and there are also a lot of sicknesses.

This area isn’t friendly, so if you come here, you should be ready to fight. There are a total of six Waypoints in Hawezar. They belong to the following Diablo 4 locations.

  • Vyeresz
  • Zarbinzet
  • Wejinhani
  • Backwater
  • The Tree of Whispers
  • Ruins of Rakhat Keep


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