eBay Certified Bulk Revision Tool Update

With more than 179 billion active buyers and millions of sellers, eBay is flourishing. No longer just a place to auction used goods, eBay is becoming an increasingly popular place for businesses to sell. In fact, over 80% of listings on eBay are fixed price. And in 2018 there were over 1,000 eBay millionaires in the UK alone.

eBay have done a lot to encourage businesses to the platform. And for the past ten years they have been working with e-commerce design and development company Frooition, creating software and listing design that makes selling on eBay better for professional sellers.

Frooition have created a whole host of eBay certified listing tools and software, but their most popular is Bulk Revision.

Doing just as its name suggests, Bulk Revision allows sellers to revise and edit listings in bulk. This saves sellers a lot of time and effort when they want to change their shipping cost but have a thousand live listings to edit.

Recently, Frooition made huge updates to this classic tool. Sellers who rely on this software were apprehensive, but the upgrades are impressive and small sellers even more power to sell like big box retailers.

No more waiting

Bulk revision now runs in the background. So, there’s no need to keep the page open while you wait for listings to update. You can carry on with what you are doing, and when you revisit the dashboard, you’ll see a progress chart of how far the revisions have progressed.

Unlimited revision

Previously, sellers could revise listings in batches of 200. Now, there’s no cap on revising listings.

Also, there’s new and powerful filtering system which allows you to use multiple criteria to pull back very specific groups of items that you want to edit or update.

Sellers can edit thousands of listings by filtering which products to revise and picking the revision they need with just a few clicks.

Simplified Layout

Bulk revision’s layout has been given an update. The sleek and intuitive interface guides users through each step correctly and in order.

Fully mobile compatible, you can make bulk revision changes on the go from your phone.

New Revisions

Bulk revision can now revise more listing features. This includes seller info tabs and parts compatibility. You can also apply multiple templates, allocating specific listing designs to different categories.

Multiple Designs

Having unique designs for each listing category is one of the more impressive web design elements that big brands use on eBay. This sophisticated kind of eBay store is typically too expensive and complex for small sellers to maintain. So, Frooition have introduced affordable multiple design options that sellers can add to as they grow, and with bulk revision, application is done in a click.

You can apply your Holiday listing design in seconds and remove it just as quickly. Even from your mobile phone.

Now everyone has time to run an eBay business with thousands of listings.


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