Apple’s future iPhones will see huge changes in specs and features starting from the year 2020

There should be no such argument that the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max only featured very marginal changes from the year 2017, and the year 2019 will see the same trend as well. It will only be in the year 2020, that Apple will be re-imagining the entire line of handsets.

It is said that the biggest difference will be in the iPhone displays. It has been reported by DigiTimes that Apple is planning to launch three iPhone models with various OLED screen sizes. The screen sizes should be 5.42-inch, 6.06-inch and finally the 6.67-inch as well. This is planned to be one of the widest ranges of iPhone models in the company’s history, and it has also been confirmed by the company’s supply chain providers as well.

This will help users to have a wider array of display size selections – be it having a big screen size like the iPhone 8 Plus or have a screen size that is massive like the iPhone XS Max. It will also aid those iPhone users, who want the latest specifications, but in a smaller package for – without sacrificing the quality of display and size, so that taking screenshots will be easier now.

There has also been a report that Apple will also be phasing out LCD displays by the year 2020. The iPhone XR currently uses LCD display – which is very much less vibrant than an OLED display – compared to the better OLED displays found on the iPhone XS and the XS Max, in order to cut production costs.

Also, by the year 2020, Apple will also find a way to improve the pricing on the entry-level iPhone models as well. It seems that the 5.42-inch iPhone will be the least costing iPhone of the lot. It will either come with an LG Display’s TOE or Samsung Display’s Y-Octa. These two display panels allow the touch sensors to be placed directly into the screen, which in turn reduces the thickness of the devices and production costs.

Another benefit for Apple is that the entry-level iPhone that will be released in 2020, will also have its premium feel. This will be a stark contrast to the iPhone XR’s inferior display when was compared to the iPhone XS and XS Max, where screenshot on XS Max is very vibrant. There are various benefits of using OLED displays. First of all, OLED displays are clearer and brighter than LCD displays.

OLED displays produce deep blacks, and also allows the iPhone to have a nice, bezel-less design as well. OLED displays will soon be used in entry-level displays, and in the long term, the transition from iPhone LCD to OLED displays will slowly re-imagining what a smartphone can actually do. Also, in December of 2018, an Apple patent was filed which showed that the iPhone can have screens wrapped all around it. This will easily make the iPhone as a gaming controller and can be the all-in-one gaming platform.


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