Does wearing sexy lingerie really benefit your mental health and well-being?

People can say what they like about this so called “snowflake generation,” but one of the most valuable advancements of our modern time is the growing awareness of mental health. More and more people are coming forward and speaking about their feelings, and more and more of us are growing to understand that it is perfectly normal to struggle. 

And of course, as awareness grows, we are discovering new ways to tackle mental health and strive towards a happier, healthier mind-set. One such discovery is just how amazing wearing lingerie can be for your mental health. Who’d have thought that something as seemingly inconsequential as women’s sexy underwear could have such a profound and transformative effect on the way we feel about ourselves and our bodies? 

In this article, we’re going to look at the way in which wearing sexy lingerie can be great for your mental health. 

1. Lingerie can boost your body confidence 

Having low self-esteem is something that can have a devastating effect on people, particularly women. When you do not feel comfortable in your own skin and hate what you see in the mirror, that lack of confidence can bleed into other aspects of your life and be detrimental to your overall mental well-being. However, the simple act of buying and wearing lingerie can start to repair your self-image and give you a boost in confidence. 

Wearing lingerie can evoke feelings of femininity and enhanced sexuality. It can have a positive effect on your emotional well-being and when this translates into body confidence, it comes across in the way we walk, talk, and more importantly – perceive ourselves. See “Enclothed Cognition” for more information on the influence that clothes can have on the wearer’s psychological processes. 

If you’ve been struggling at work or need that extra boost for a new job interview, we challenge you to wear lingerie underneath. We can almost guarantee that those sexy undergarments will make you feel like you can take on the world – and the best part is nobody knows but you! 

2. Explore your sexuality 

Whether you want to wear lingerie for your partner or for yourself, doing so can help you explore your sexuality. Try it by yourself first: have an evening all to yourself, dress up in some sexy lingerie and explore your body in the mirror. This can be an incredibly empowering solo activity that will help you reconnect with your body – it’s also rather kinky. Doing so normalises sex – particularly solo play and masturbation – which can help you form a more positive outlook on your own sexuality and natural desires. 

3. Focus on internal validation 

Again, dressing up in lingerie is a private affair. Sure, it’s really fun to share with a partner or even on a first date, but primarily lingerie is to make you feel powerful. Dressing up in sexy lingerie can help you replace external validation with internal validation. It can help you stop worrying about how others perceive you and focus more on the way that you perceive yourself. While it’s nice to be complimented on your appearance by others, what feels even more amazing is when you can look at yourself and love what you see. Wearing lingerie and dressing up for you is a big step in the right direction. 

4. Fall in love with yourself again

Just as internal validation is important, wearing lingerie can also help you to fall in love with yourself once more. As you learn to remember that the only opinion that truly matters is your own, you may start to feel grateful for the beautiful body that you have. When you see what a goddess you are in sexy lingerie, your confidence and self-esteem may begin to grow. With that, comes a deep appreciation for the body that you have and a growing desire to take better care of yourself in the future. 

If you’ve recently lost touch with yourself and have been neglecting to exercise and eat properly, then having a love affair with lingerie and learning to appreciate your body once more can have a transformative effect on your relationship with yourself. Your body is a temple!

5. Consider it medicine 

Wearing lingerie is without a doubt, a form of self-care. Just as you should make time to bathe, meditate, eat healthily, and get some regular exercise, treating yourself to some sexy underwear is a similarly important form of self-care. Even more so if you are buying the lingerie for you, rather than your partner. Making a conscious effort to look and feel good and treat yourself to something luxurious can work wonders for your overall mental health and well-being. 


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