Destiny 2 God Roll Throne Cleaver Guide

Destiny 2 God Roll Throne Cleaver Guide:

Destiny 2 has a strong legendary sword called the Throne-Cleaver. This isn’t something you’ll find very often, but if you want a strong PvE blade, this is among the better options.

But if you want this sword to work best for your style of play in Destiny 2, you need to discover one with the right perks. Here’s everything you have to understand the most effective Throne Cleaver god rolls for PvE and PvP in Destiny 2.

In Destiny 2, Season 20, swords are in a bad place. Bungie had taken a hard swing at melee weapons as well as made a nasty set of changes to make them less useful.

But that doesn’t mean that some weapons can’t be fun. One of these weapons is the Throne Cleaver, which can only be used by Titans. Here are the rolls to look for with this Heavy weapon that has been brought back.

Destiny 2 has a lot of great weapons to find, and a sword can sometimes be exactly what you’ve been looking for in a heavy weapon.

The Throne Cleaver was added to Destiny 2 as part of the Season of Opulence, which came early in the game’s history. But in Season of Defiance, it has been brought back and can also be made.

To Get The Throne Cleaver:

In Destiny 2, you can get the legendary Throne Cleaver sword by starting legendary engrams or getting faction rank-up packages. You can get them by going to the War Desk during Season of Defiance.

If you roll on an engram, there’s a chance you’ll get this sword. Like all of the other firearms in the game, it can roll on a number of benefits, some of which are better than some others.

The Best Benefits Of Throne Cleaver Are:

This sword is a great choice because it has a number of powerful benefits that make it stand out. Whether you are interested in employing this weapon for PvE or PvP fights changes which bonuses are best.

When fighting PvE battles with the Throne-Cleaver, Tireless Blade, Duelists’ Trance, Unrelenting, Incandescent, as well as Valiant Charge are all good choices.

In the first column, you can find The Tireless Blade, Duelists’ Trance, and Unrelenting. In the second column, you can find Incandescent and Valiant Charge. If you put Tireless Blade with Incandescent or Unrelenting with Incandescent, you’d have a great team.


Impact: 73
Rate of charge: 20
Ammo How many: 48

Rolls The Throne Cleaver God [PvE]:

  1. Tempered Edge: The sword does more damage and has more bullets.
  2. Duelist’s Trance: The last hit of a sword increases its charge rate, effectiveness, and defense until it is put away.
  3. Enhanced Surround: When 3 or more objectives are close to each other, this weapon does more damage as a bonus.

Throne Cleaver God Rolls [PvP]:

  1. Blade: Enduring Blade
  2. Guard: Heavy Guard
  3. Perk 1: Flash Counter
  4. Perk 2: Vorpal Weapon
  5. Masterwork: Impact
  6. Origin Trait: To Excess


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