How To Get Into A Stormbound Chest In World Of Warcraft

How To Get Into A Stormbound Chest In World Of Warcraft:

As you play World of Warcraft: Drago flight, you’ll have multiple chances to earn rewards, but you’ll need to pay attention to everything that’s going on. With patch 10.0.7, a different type of chest called a “Storm Bound chest” has been added. This chest has a few rewards. But it takes time to find and open this chest.

The update made the Forbidden Reach accessible. The new place is the main goal for all highest level players in Drago flight who want to go on new adventures and finish new missions.

What Is A Chest Bound By A Storm?

The WOW Storm Bound Chest is what you get when you finish the Trial of Storms, which is a World of Warcraft event that happens every week. It can be found in the Old Weyrn Grounds region, in the Frosted Spine of the Forbidden Reach.

It has valuable things like inv misc powder thorium a condensed magic stone, as well as a Primalist armor token.

How To Find A Storm-Bound Chest:

The Storm-Bound Chest is a particular reward you can get by doing things in The Forbidden Reach, an area that became accessible after patch 10.0.7. When you get to this area, you can do the Trial of Storms in the world. If you finish it, you can do it once a week.

As a reward, there’s a chance you’ll get a Stormbound chest. You can find it in the Old Weyrn Grounds region, in the mountains to the south.

Only by doing the Trial of Storms activity can you open a storm-bound chest. When you get to the Trial of Storms area in The Forbidden Reach, interact with the locked Storm-Bound chest. A countdown will appear, and then you’ll see several elemental charges. A next step is to charge the flash conduits.

After beating the elemental charges, you can do this. The next step is to fight the Charged Drake, which would seem after every lightning conduit has indeed been charged.

What’s The Prize:

If you make it through this stage, the Storm-Bound chest would then open and give you the items inside. Some of the prizes could be a Primalist loot token, a Zskera Vault key, an elemental overflow, or a condensed magic stone. The Trial of Storms happens once a week, and you can do it more than once.

How To Begin The Storm Trial:

In Drago flight, players can start the Trial of Storms by flying over the WOW Storm Bound Chest symbol on the map. The way the event works is similar to how the Primal Storm events at the start of the expansion worked.

To get their reward, players will have to beat enemies, complete the event, and afterwards open the chest. You might get a Primalist Loot Token, a Zskera Vault Key, an Elemental Overflow, or a Condensed Magic Stone as a reward. The condensed magic stone could be turned into the primordial stone gem, that can be utilized to socket the onyx annulet.


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