complaints on the drift of PS5 DualSense with their solutions


Social networks show messages from users who have seen ‘drift’ on the PS5 controller, a flaw in which the controller believes that the lever is moving.

The drift problem – the levers recognize a movement even if the user is not touching the stick – seems quite common in recent years’ controls. After the complaints to Nintendo and Microsoft with millionaire lawsuits in between, now Sony is facing more complaints among PS5 users for “drift” in the DualSense.

According to Kotaku in an article on the subject, many players have commented on social networks that since the launch last November, they have experienced this failure in their command, with videos where we can see the Destiny 2 camera in motion even though the user is not touching any button or lever.

There are other similar examples on Twitter and Reddit, but it is unknown if this percentage is high enough to see legal action from users soon.

Difficulty requesting a repair

Sony has an official page for repairs and replacement of controllers and consoles, but Kotaku recalls that the team is overwhelmed by requests to acquire PS5.

“They told me to speak to an agent through the contact page for PlayStation support. In conversations, they gave me a number and press 1 for PS5. I did and heard a dozen different recorded messages informing me that this was not the place to ask where to get a PS5. I was asked to wait. On the one hand – the wait – it was enlivened with the delicious music of Gustavo Santaolalla from The Last of Us. On the other, I had to listen to it for 17 minutes. “.

He was finally able to contact me and was informed that the warranty covers the drift. In the United States- it is necessary to pay for shipping the remote to a repair center -which depends on several factors, such as weight-, Sony covers the return shipping.

One possible solution: blow to remove dust from the lever

The lever mechanism on the DualSense is the same as on the DualShock 4, and an easy way to fix some of these issues seems pretty straightforward.

It consists of moving the stick for a few seconds and blowing into the groove to remove any dirt that has gotten inside, repeating several times. In the following video, its author assures that it solves 90% of drift cases on the controls.

Considering that the console was launched only three months ago, we will have to wait to know if this error of the sticks’ drift is specific or becomes something familiar with time.

In 2013 the first PS4 controllers had the problem of the rubber of the sticks that broke, something that was fixed in the following versions of the DualShock 4.


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