PS5 hardware news – the DualSense Drift?

sony ps5

While the UFC-Que Choisir continues its fight again and again by issuing an alert at the European level against Nintendo to overcome the Joy-Con Drift – a bug originating from the pads of the Nintendo Switch which, for no reason, moves your character or your cursor in the menus automatically – users of the PlayStation 5 report a similar problem for the DualSense.

It seems that modern controllers all suffer from the same problem. After the Nintendo Switch and its crazy Joy-Con, it is the PlayStation 5 DualSense to be singled out by many of its players.

Indeed, since the launch of the PlayStation 5 on November 10 in the United States and on November 19 in our regions, many users of the ninth generation console pad from Sony have reported a problem similar to the Joy-Con Drift.

For the DualSense.As you can see for yourself by clicking on this link, some users even said the problem ten days after the Japanese manufacturer’s launch. In this post published on Reddit, the user even specifies having tried everything to repair his controller by activating or deactivating Bluetooth, for example, or resetting the controller, but in vain.

Other users have even posted videos to prove their point. On one of them, available here, we can see the Destiny 2 game camera doing a long 360 ° without the player even needing to touch their pad.

Sony has not officially commented on the problem, and it seems to affect a minority of players. Still, if the problem persists on your side, our colleagues at Kotaku specify that the chances of repairing your DualSense are slim, the fault of a particularly saturated PlayStation support service, but rest assured since the bug that we will name here DualSense Drift is indeed covered by the warranty.


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