Capcom: Monster Hunter Rise’s open world was a challenge

Yasunori Ichinose noted that Monster Hunter World’s influence was important to the Switch game.

The combination of a Monster Hunter with a Nintendo console always yields interesting results. When it became known that Monster Hunter Rise was close to Switch’s debut, the expectation went to the highest.

Indeed, the console’s limitations cannot be denied, but Capcom took them as a challenge to deliver a title according to current standards, and thanks to this, it was possible to opt for an open world.


On March 26, Nintendo Switch users will be able to enjoy Monster Hunter Rise, a delivery designed for the hybrid console that is shaping up to be one of the most important launches of 2021.

After the previews are shown, it was clear that it is a Monster Hunter full-fledged, but it wasn’t like that at some point in its development process.

According to Yasunori Ichinose, director of Monster Hunter Rise, in an interview conducted by IGN, the plan was to offer scenarios separated by load times. However, this idea vanished after considering that something like this would break the immersion they were looking for.

In the same way, the creative pointed out that the success and influence of Monster Hunter World were crucial for them to decide to create an accessible open world, something that was a challenge for the development team.

“We thought it would be difficult to preserve visual quality and detail in a sandbox environment on Switch.

However, as development progressed, we realized that open environments had increasingly become the norm for blockbuster titles, and Monster Hunter World’s success inspired us to take up the challenge. “


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