Black Myth Wukong going to present his new gameplay trailer?

Game Science studio celebrates Chinese New Year 2021 with this action-packed video.

Do you remember Black Myth: Wukong? It is one of the most promising projects in the Chinese video game industry, a game from the Game Science studio that generated a lot of attention in its announcement thanks to an action and RPG proposal that draws directly from the Souls saga, but with an aesthetic and a setting is taken from the folklore of his country.

With the Chinese New Year 2021 about to fall, our colleagues at IGN Spain – through IGN China – exclusively publish a new trailer with gameplay scenes from Black Myth:

Wukong, which surely leaves no one indifferent. Packed with action and combat, this video offers a good look at the experience that Game Science seeks to create in its adventure, with intense close-range fighting, blocking and dodging, or the use of powers that will weigh heavily on the adventure.

The trailer is a metaphor for the change of the year in ChinaBut. Also, it is a visual metaphor in honor of the new year.

For much of the video, we see the protagonist’s confrontation with a monstrous giant rat. But in the end, after pushing it back, it transforms into a mighty, war-willing ox. As with the Chinese calendar, which says goodbye to the Year of the Rat and welcomes the Year of the Ox.

“This video is specially produced to celebrate the Year of the Ox; it does not represent the real plot,” adds Game Science, so it is possible that we will not see this specific boss in the final game.

Announced in August of last year, Black Myth: Wukong continues in development without a planned release date, and its premiere platforms have not yet been specified, although it should not be forgotten that PlayStation 5 already has an arrival date in China.

We know that it will be the first part of a trilogy focused on Chinese mythology and that the demo shown in its ad was real and playable.


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