Bistro Heroes: Beginners Guide With Tips & Tricks

Bistro Heroes, as you all know is one of the most popular and well-known games that most players love to play.  Team Tapas’ newest game which happens to be developed by the developers of the well-known and well-favored mobile RPG game, A Girl Adrift.

You must know that it is a small-sized online RPG game that does not require any kind of optional download. Also, it is a must-have game for Gocha and a relaxing game genre for lovers.

It is a game that you can be able to play with a handheld mobile device. You must also be able to play it while connecting your headphone to the device in order to get an amazing and excellent gaming experience. 

The game is all about providing an intrigued story, great visuals, calming audio, unique controls, many collectible heroes, and apart from that, your very own customizable hero Bistro.

It will be possible for the players to get ingredients in order to cook and sell along with some finest costumes that are beautifully designed in order to upgrade your heroes further. The players will have to lead their favorite character heroes to the inevitable victory.

You need to know that you will be able to have all these amazing features at the tip of your fingers and that too very easily.

There are so many people who want to try the Bistro Heroes game but they do not have a clear idea about how they are going to play the game. 

For all the players who do not have a clue about what the Bistro Heroes game is all about, we are going to provide you each and every essential detail in this beginner’s guide.

We are happy to provide you all the important information in this Bistro Heroes Beginner’s Guide so that you will be able to have a better idea of the game.

The only thing that you will have to do in order to understand the game to the fullest is to make sure to go through this article to the end.

There is no need to worry about anything at all as everything about this game is simple and easy. 

Not only we are going to brief you about how you should play the game but also we are going to provide you some of the most important tips as well as tricks that will help you to play the Bistro Heroes game better. Let us begin understanding the Bistro Heroes game. 

Gameplay Overview

It is sure that the first thing that each and every newcomer is going to find in the Bistro Heroes game is the incredible and amazing story.

So the first thing that will meet the eyes of the player is the story of the two knights who look more like innocent and cute knights who happens to be exhausted and tired from a long journey.

You will see that the Grand Master Aryan, a human, and Coq Au Vin an elf are trying to reach the capital of whichever region they are living in. You must know that the story will then move on to introducing them to another important character, The Chef.

The introduction of the Chef will take place just before exiting to the main screen where you will find the player’s first Bistro. The Bistro Heroes game is indeed achieving a place among the must-play game.

Story Mode

One thing is sure and that is the Bistro Heroes game will be bringing a lot of excitement as well as thrill to the players.

The main reason behind most of the players who are finding this game as one of the most interesting games is that it has over 10 regions with each one having more than 20 levels to explore.

The game will allow players a wide area to explore which is why there will always be something new for the players when they are playing the Bistro Heroes game.

A large number of regions is what makes this game both long-term and amazing to play for a long period of time. 

You must know that each and every story in the game has its own unique battle as well as the environment. There will also be a wide variety of tasty ingredients that you can be able to hand over to the Chef in the Bistro Heroes game.

However, there are so many players who are still wondering how the Chef will always whip up something from the tasty ingredients you hand over to her.

Also, it will be possible for you to serve as well as taste it as it will be available on the menu for the traveling customers to purchase it. Overall, it will be fun to play the Bistro Heroes game. 

Control and Attack System Overview

The game control and attack system that you will find in the Bistro Heroes game is unique as well as easy to understand for each and every player. You need to know that the Deployed heroes will be attacking the nearby enemy while they can be mutually lined up.

It will be possible to focus on the particular or specific enemies of the players to choose from. You must also need to know that the dodging system is a little bit lacking as you will find that not all the enemy attacks can be dodged by you.

But it is sure that the fun, as well as the excitement and expectations while you are playing the Bistro Heroes game, will remain as it is. There will be every feature that you can expect in an RPG game when we are talking about the Bistro Heroes game. 

Cooking System

As you all know, the cooking system is one of the most important parts that you will find in the Bistro Heroes game.

After each battle, it will be essential for the players to collect the cooking ingredients in order to sell them and earn money after selling them or hand over them to the Chef. They can be useful in upgrading several things in the Bistro Heroes game. 


Just the same as most other grinding RPG games, Bistro Heroes will be using Stamina in order to put a halt or remind the players to take a break for recapping.

There is no doubt that it will be a mere choice as the stamina system can only be possible to upgrade with the use of the upgrade system.

Also, it will be possible for the player to watch an ad to replenish 1 Stamina and that too can be possible 20 times per day. You can either get yourself a fish or a Stamina as they can be bought from the store in the Bistro Heroes game. 

Upgrade System

It will be beneficial for you to know that the upgrade system will be crucial enough for making some battles shorter while making some of the other battles shorter. So that it will be possible for you to gain more resources from it.

You can be able to upgrade influence in the Bistro Heroes game as it is a major way with the help of which you can be able to increase the durability of a hero character.

Apart from the durability, you can also be able to increase the damage output along with the max stamina and the speed required for the battle.

That will also be including the cooking sell speed as well as the gold capacity for the Bistro Heroes game. In short, you must have to keep in mind that without upgrading it, it will not be possible for any and every player to get anywhere. 

Obtaining Heroes

Unlike other RPG games that you will find today, the Bistro Heroes game will not allow the players to obtain heroes by summoning them. But instead, the players will have to earn the heroes as they are embarking on their journey forward while encountering the new foes.

It is sure that as soon as a certain story will be completed, a new hero will be appearing in the Bistro Heroes game.

You can also be able to deploy the new hero into the battle and you need to know that along with the new hero, there will be a new series of her-exclusive skills as well as background stories that will come along.  


Remember, the Bistro will look more fascinating if you are going to upgrade him in order to actually serve the food to customers. That is why upgrading the hero character is essential for the player while playing the Bistro Heroes game.

It will also make sure to buff up the abilities of the hero. You must know that different kinds of furniture will have different attributes to buff up your hero even more. 

Gocha Summoning 

The Gocha part of the Bistro Heroes game is where it will be possible for all the players and gamers to get more costumes and furniture that will be useful to buff up the character heroes further.

Not only you will find the character buffing up after you will upgrade them but also you will see that their appearances did change. So you will have to pack a different punch than their original form.

There are 4 main tiers that are having their own chance of getting the most amazing and excellent furniture as well as costumes. 


One thing is sure that if you do not feel like fighting with the monsters and need a moment to relax then the Fishing spot is where you should go.

You will be happy to know that there will be background audio that you can be able to enjoy while you are trying to catch a big fish in order to replenish the Stamina in the Bistro Heroes game.

There is a 100 bait limit with the help of which it will be possible for the players to catch the fish for several hours.

You need to try the embedded mode feature and enjoy the mystical breeze sound as the game will be fishing automatically. So you will not have to do anything at all. 


There will be a new mode available as soon as you will finish the essential story and the name is Daily Dungeon. This is surely the place where you can be able to find the grind crystals and also for the selected hero ability upgrade.

You must know that if you are going to upgrade a hero with the help of the crystals then you will find that it is the best way to unlock their potential while exploiting their ability to the finest in the battle. 


If there is any kind of situation where you will think that you are not satisfied enough with the pace of the game then you must know that the Bistro Heroes game has optional purchasing options that can be able to speed up or boost up the player’s game progress. 

Bistro Heroes: Tips and Tricks

Here, we are going to mention some of the tips and tricks that you are definitely going to find helpful enough to guide you in the fantasy world of the Bistro Heroes game. Let us begin it.

1. Rushing The Story

First of all, the best tip that you should keep in mind always is that you should not try to rush up the story. Because understanding the story is important for the players to understand this RPG game, Bistro Heroes.

Even though you will be the new player, there will be an option available for you to skip the story. So you must not use this feature to rush the story or you may not understand some part of the Bistro Heroes game.

2. Produce and Sell Foods Faster

It will be possible for the players to quickly cook with all the collected food ingredients with the help of the Quick Craft function.

It is the best way to produce food instantly in order to sell it for gold that you can again use to upgrade the dish sell speed in the upgrade section of the Bistro Heroes game. 

3. Manual Fishing

You must know that it is not an easy task to try manual fishing and it can be sometimes tiring and frustrating.

Especially, when it is your first time then you will wish to leave it as soon as possible. But you can make it easier by knowing some of the tricks to catch the fish manually. They are as follows:

  • You need to keep an eye for the yellow bar to know when you will catch the fish
  • Always make sure to pull the fish in the opposite direction to which the fish is facing
  • Do not take your eyes off the fish if you want to catch them for sure

4. Surviving Longer in Daily Dungeon

It is sure that you will not be able to win the Daily Dungeon no matter how harder you will try. But the best thing you can do is try surviving as long as you can in the Daily Dungeon in order to upgrade heroes and push out more damage. 

5. Getting Gems in Bistro Heroes

You must know that gems can be obtained through achievements or daily rewards through the optional purchase that you will find in the in-game store. You need to know that gems can be useful for upgradings so many kinds of items or characters.

That is why you need to keep in mind that the more tasks you will do, the more achievements you will be able to complete, and the more gems you will be able to get. They are indeed the main components for summoning up the Gocha. 


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