Badlanders: Beginner’s Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Badlanders, as you all know is a brand new and latest game that most of the players choose to play over other games. This new FPS game is published by NetEase for mobile devices.

You must know that the game is aiming at taking an amazing twist on the usual battle royale genre that will be going to produce something very unique and different.

It is sure that if you did play the popular PC or Console game Escape From Tarkov then you will be able to understand easily what we are currently talking about. 

However, if you do not have any kind of clue about what we are currently talking about then you will surely be curious enough to know about it. There are so many players who love to play this amazing and exciting game, Badlanders.

We suggest that it will be beneficial for you to get a more clear idea of what the game is all about before you jump in completely.

So if you do not know much about the game then you will not have to worry about it at all as we are going to break down every essential information about Badlanders in this article.

Not only we are going to provide you a beginner’s guide to play the Badlanders game but also we are going to make sure that all of you should know the tips and tricks. Thus you can play Badlanders easily even though you’re new.

You must know that the Badlanders game is focussing on modifying the battle royal genre along with changing the core objectives. It is sure that there will be 25 players including you that are spawned into a map at a random location.

You need to know that the sole objective of the players and the game itself is to fight out with the enemies and finish on the top.

In this article, we are going to mention almost everything that is important for you to know and keep in mind while you are playing the Badlanders game. Let us begin it. 

1. Looting

First of all, you will have to accomplish the first task as soon as you will enter the match and that is, of course, the Looting. Yes, you will have to scavenge for loot in different buildings as well as environmental structures available on the map.

But you will have to remember one thing and that is you will be competing against the other 24 players while you are looting. So it will be essential for you to watch your back while you are looting the building and houses.

You must notice that the looting functionality in the game is similar to other games that you may have played earlier such as Player Unknown’s Pubg Mobile and Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty. 

2. Escaping

Another thing that you can be able to do in order to avoid the fight is that instead of fighting to be the last alive player in the game, it will look more like a better option to escape through one of the multiple escape points available.

So you can be able to save yourself from the chaos happening there while other players are looting. But you must know that the escape points will be opening in random areas of the map and that too after some time passes by from the beginning of the match.

Once the escape points are open for all, you can be able to escape from these points in order to end the match for yourself. In order to escape, the only thing you will have to do is enter the escape points and wait for the timer to finish. 

You must know that each and every round of the match will be for around 20 minutes before all the players will be killed. There can be moments where you as well as other players are going for the same escape point.

So you will have to tread carefully while you are on the battlefield. It will also be possible for you to have the option of choosing to loot for some more time and then move to the escape point that will open up later in the game.

Also, you can choose to loot more quickly and escape from the game early. The only two things that you will have to remember are;

1) The escape points are more likely to close after only a few minutes of their opening.

2) There may be a bunch of other players waiting to escape with you in the same escape points. 

3. Fighting

Whether you believe that combat does not need much focus in the Badlanders game or you think that it is not essential, you must know that it is important for you to have your focus in combat.

It is sure that you will not be able to see how many players there are waiting for you on the map. That is why it will be essential for you to assume that there will always be some other players there with you.

Just the same as other similar battle royale games,  the Badlanders game is offering easy combat functions. Also, it will be possible for you to get all the things the other players have after killing them.

Yes, you can easily get their look once you kill them and go near their loot case. The same goes for you, if someone kills you then you will lose all your loots. 

4. The Warehouse

The main of most players in the Badlanders game is to gather loot from wherever and however possible. If you will escape safely without getting killed by some other players then it will be possible for you to take everything with you.

All the things that you gather from the buildings and environmental structure will go to your warehouse where you can be able to use the loot for yourself.

Yes, you can be able to create weapons, ammo, consumables, and many more things with the things you have looted in the game. Also, you can be able to take it all with you in the next match to kill other players with weapons and ammo.

You must know that all the materials and items that you did manage to gather in the warehouse can be useful to craft new items. For all the beginners and starter players, there will only be the AI market that will be available.

But players who have been playing the game for quite some time can be able to access the virtual market in order to sell their loots. You can be able to sell the basic items at a basic price range in the AI market.

But when you will reach level 6, the Auction Market will be unlocked where you can be able to trade valuable items with other real players. 

As we did mention earlier, loot is the main focus of all the players in the Badlanders game. It is sure that when you will die in the match or when some other player will kill you then you will lose all the items you have on your body.

Other players will be able to freely pick up all the items that you have without any kind of difficulty. Even though you will be carrying one of the rare items of the game, other players will get them as soon as you will die.

You can see that there is a risk as well as a reward for it which is why the Badlanders game is so much fun to play. It will seem like everything is at stake when you are battling with other players in the Badlanders game. 

Tips and Tricks To Win Matches Easily In Badlanders

There are so many players who still do not have a clear idea of how they can be able to win the matches easily and for sure in the Badlanders game.

That is why we did decide to shed some light on it and provide you all the tips and tricks of how you can be able to win the matches easily in the game. One thing is sure and that is you all will be feeling a little put off by reading the information that we did share with you above.

You will definitely be wondering about how all your hard work will be lost if you will die in the Badlanders game and other players will get your loot. But you do not have to worry about it at all as we are going to help you out with it. Let us now move to the tips & tricks.

Don’t Worry About Dying

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while you are playing the Badlanders game or any other shooter game and that is you should not worry about dying. It is sure that there is a lot of risks when you are playing the Badlanders game.

So it will be more frustrating when you will get killed which is why the only thing you need to do is calm down, move on, and try again. If you will keep getting frustrated every time you die then your gameplay will not improve. 

Use Your Safe Wisely

You must know that the safe is basically an extra space where you can be able to store items in your inventory. The benefit of the safe is that whenever you die in the game, the items you put in the safe will be as it is and other players will not get them.

You need to make sure to keep the safe full even if you are putting in the basic items only. Keeping the safe full will be beneficial for you as you will get the basic items at least in case you die.

Take Advantage Of The Common Items

It is sure that disposable items will be cheaper but they are also very useful such as a backpack or ammo. You need to know that it will be beneficial for you to not sell it but stock it up in your warehouse.

So that you can be able to use them in your next battle. The best thing about this is when you will begin the match, you will have all the basic items but they will indeed be a set of useful items.

It will not cost you anything even if you will die in the match and all the items will be lost. Those items are cheap and you can be able to find them easily anywhere. 

Watch Out For Campers and Eliminate Them

Whether you know it or not, but the main attraction of the Badlanders game is the escape points. Due to the limited amount of time available for the escape points, you can expect a rush of players at these points.

So you will find at least one or more players to head towards the same escape point as you are. Sometimes you will find players hiding in the buildings or bushes which is why you need to look out for campers and kill them.

You can find the hidden enemies and eliminate them in order to get their loots and save your

Sell Things You Do Not Need

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that the Badlanders game is all about what you have. So you need to make sure to try and sell each and everything that you think you do not need.

All the valuable items will be worth a huge amount when you sell it in the auction market while you can sell the basic items in the AI market.

It will be beneficial for you if you are going to stock up the basic essentials such as low-level armor, backpacks, ammo, and some basic weapons. Thus you can sell the other rare items that you will get from the loot and crafted items to earn extra money. 


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