Apple iPhone 8 Appears in Two More Videos Showing Foxconn Employees Working on It

  • Videos appear showing Foxconn workers working on Apple iPhone 8
  • The device is expected to be launched next month
  • The device will be launched alongside iPhone 7S and 7S Plus

Apple must be cursing Foxconn right now. One of Chinese company’s employees recently leaked details about its many upcoming products on Reddit, and now a new thing has happened. Apple’s upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone, or iPhone 8, as it’s being known, has appeared in two more video leaks.

iPhone 8 Leaks
iPhone 8 Leaks

The leaks have come from the factories of Foxconn, where workers are shown cleaning and working on what may be the rear shells of iPhone 8. The design and looks of shells showing up in the video are very similar to the dummy leaks of iPhone 8, however, we can’t be too sure about it because many Chinese companies have a good history of cloning Apple’s devices. Who knows, if that’s just another cheap iPhone 8 clone in the videos?

iPhone 8 is expected to launch alongside iPhone 7S and 7S Plus next month. The biggest change in it is going to be an all-screen front, which will make it arguably the most gorgeous iPhone ever.

It will also help in increasing the display size from 5.5-inches to 5.8-inches without increasing the overall size of device. Other notable changes may include a vertical dual-camera setup instead of horizontal one, lasers for augmented reality, iris scanners and probably an under-display fingerprint sensor (if its implementation can be figured out in time). If these details are to be believed, the shells showing up in the videos seem to be those of iPhone 8.

You can see both videos below:


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