Android O Will Be Last Major OS Update for OnePlus 3 and 3T

  • Android O to be last major update for OnePlus 3 and 3T
  • The news comes from company’s Product team Head
  • Security patches will continue to be released for OP3 and 3T

If you’re a OnePlus 3/3T owner, there’s some bad news for you. The company has confirmed that upcoming Android O will be the last major Android update for these two mid-range smartphones. However, there will certainly be some minor updates, like security patches.

The news has come from company’s Head of Product team Oliver Z. Speaking about the “future of software support for OP3 and 3T in a recent interview, he said:

“Android O is going to be the last Android version update we’ll release for OP3/3T. We’ll continue to release security patch updates for the foreseeable future, and offer support for individual application updates. After the OP3/3T have been updated to Android O, we’ll start moving the Open Beta Program from OP3/3T to OP5.”

So, while OnePlus 3 and 3T turned out to be huge successes for the company, now their limelight has been stolen by OnePlus 5. This is certainly disappointing for all OnePlus 3 and 3T owners as their devices are at most just 9 months old and Android O is coming very shortly (probably on August 21), the post which there won’t be any major OS update for their devices. And while geeks can always keep themselves on the latest operating system by taking the way of custom ROMs, not everyone would (and also should) want to take that route.

Besides this Oliver also said that OP5’s Reading Mode isn’t going to arrive on OP3 and 3T because the devices lack the hardware required for it. When he was asked if OP3 and 3T will continue to lag behind OP5 in terms of some features, he said:

“Yes, those missing features are mainly a result of hardware differences, such as the availability of Reading Mode on the OP5, which depends on the RGB sensor. The OP3/3T don’t have that hardware interface, so we are unable to release this feature on these two devices.”

So folks, you may want to get a new device by this time of next year, or just take the route of custom ROMs to stay on latest operating system. In the meantime enjoy the Oxygen OS update that’s in the work for your OP3/3T and coming in few months.


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