Apex Legends How To Get Sunglasses

Apex Legends How To Get Sunglasses:

Do you like the game Apex Legends? Have you heard that sunglasses were just added to the game? Would you like to get your fingers upon one of these powerful and stylish pieces of gear?

During the Sun Squad Collection Event, Apex Legends got a new game mode called “Heatwave.” In this mode, players had to avoid heat waves that came every few minutes.

But there is one thing that lets players walk through a heatwave without worrying that the sun will kill them. This guide shows you how to obtain sunglasses throughout Apex Legends in order to use the sun to your advantage.

This Event Is Only Happening For A Short Time, So Hurry!

Heatwave Mode is a brand-new Limited Time Mode (LTM) that comes with the new Sun Squad Collection Event throughout Apex Legends. This new mode looks like it will give all players a lot of action-packed fun and also challenge them.

Starting Date As Well As Ending Date Of Event:

The Sun Squad Collection event will start on March 28, 2023, which is a Tuesday. There is no official release time yet, but previous in-game occurrences in the United States have started at 10 a.m. PDT, so we can expect the Sun Squad Collection event to start around the same time.

This means that the event is probably going to start at these times. The Sun Squad Collection event and the limited-time heatwave mode throughout Apex Legends will end on April 11.

Time Zone


10:00 west coast of North America
01:00 east coast of North America
06:00 U.K.
07:00 Paris
02:00 Tokyo

How Do Heat Waves Happen?

As part of the Sun Squad Collection event, the special limited mode throughout Apex Legends is called “Heatwave.” In this play mode, heatwaves will happen from time to time during the match, hurting you from the sun.

To stay out of the sun’s way, you’ll need to go inside or hide under something. During a heat wave, you can slide downhill to cool off or employ a heat shield to beat the heat.

You’ll also find unique items, like sunglasses, that you can get in care packages and use to protect yourself from the sun’s effects.

What Are The Event Items For The Sun Squad Collection?

During Sun Squad Collection Event, you can get 24 cosmetics that only last for a short time. All 24 of the items can be bought with Apex Coins or traded in for crafting metals. They are also included in the entire Sun Squad Collection Occasion Apex Packs for the whole time the event is going on.

You’ll get Ash’s heirloom, Strongest Link, if you unleash all 24 cosmetics before the event ends. During the event, you can also get rewards for completing challenges. You could indeed earn up to 1,600 pts per day, so make sure to come back every day to get a variety of rewards.

Keep In Mind:

But the smiley face under the bar is something you should pay very close attention to. It will change its face to show one of 3 items.



Blue and Happy This face appears when you are somewhere that shelters you from the sun/heatwave. If you have this on your screen, wherever you are standing is a safe place to be.
Yellow and Unimpressed This face appears when you are in the sunlight, but not the deadly kind. This shows that you will be exposed when the heatwave hits and you have the potential to become toast.
Red and Dead When this face appears, you are being damaged by the heatwave and you are in danger of being killed by it. When this appears, panic and find a way to get out of harm’s way.

How To Stay Cool:

In this mode, there are a few different ways to avoid thermal damage from heatwaves, but the important thing to remember is that other individuals may be trying to do the exact same thing. This implies that hiding places may grow increasingly crowded and dangerous, so be careful.

Hide In Buildings:

If you’re already inside a tower when a heat wave strikes, you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. But if you are close to a structure and a wave starts, you should stop what you are doing as well as run to the closest building.

The only problem with ignoring the heat this manner is that structures are easy to spot when they have more than one entrance. If a squad wants to enter the same building, users may not realize it until you’re face to face with each other.

As soon as you get inside a building, make sure your shields as well as health are fully charged. This will provide you with the greatest likelihood of staying alive. Then, maintain your gun ready to fight any people who try to break in.

Pick Up A Care Package:

During the event, Care Packages may contain sunglasses that you’re able to steal and put on your legend to make them more resistant to the damage a heatwave does when it’s hot outside.

They might not be in every package of care, so include as many as you can in order to boost your likelihood of finding a pair.

Take Cover:

It’s not a new idea to hide under things in Apex, but the heatwaves offer you even more reason to do so. You won’t get hurt by a heatwave if you hide under something so it doesn’t hit you straight.

We found that it worked well to hide under the walkways that link up some smaller buildings inside and open shipping containers if the map had them.

Heat Shields Can Help:

People often use heat shields to protect themselves or their team if they get captured out in the ring. You are able to continue in heatwave mode, but you can also use a heat shield to stop a wave from hurting you.

Respawn was nice enough to make the heat shields bigger so that you can fit your whole team in there, but there’s a grab. If you use the shields somewhere other than the Ring, they won’t last as long, which means they’ll only safeguard you for a short time.

Slide The Map Around:

You can slide around if nothing else works and you are far from cover, a structure, a heat shield, or a care package.

Sliding is a fast way to get around Apex, and if you time it right, you can use it to do some cool finishing moves. In the heatwave mode, this way of getting around has more meaning. If you are in the middle of a heat wave, sliding around will “cool” you down.

This means that moving in this manner would then minimize the amount of harm the heat does to you. We recommend that you use this method along with one of the ones above to give yourself the finest chance of staying alive.

Where To Find Sunglasses: 

In Apex Legends, sunglasses only show up during Sun Squad Collection Event. They are only found in Care Packages.

These usually show up at the beginning of each Heatwave match, so look for them early before anyone else does. We found that each care package also had 3 pairs of sunglasses and an amazing weapon.

When you open the care package, the sunglasses will appear on one of the sides. They take the place of your helmet armor, but it’s a good trade. Make sure to get them before a heatwave so you can see the difference in how much damage they do.


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