All Of Lugia’s Weaknesses And The Best Pokémon To Fight It

All Of Lugia’s Weaknesses And The Best Pokémon To Fight It:

For a short time, Lugia is coming back to 5 star raids throughout Pokémon Go. This strong legendary Pokémon is going to be hard opponent to beat, and you’ll need help from your allies to do it.

Before you go on a raid against this, you must know that it has a few weaknesses you’re able to use to your advantage. This guide lists all of Lugia’s weaknesses as well as the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go to use against them.

In Pokémon Go, Lugia represents the next Pokémon you could indeed expect to fight in 5-Star raids. To win, it’s best to know all of Lugia’s moves and which Pokémon are the best at stopping this psychic flying powerhouse.

All Weaknesses:

Lugia is a Pokémon with the Flying and Psychic types. So, moves that use Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, or Rock will hurt it, while moves that use Fighting, Ground, Grass, or Psychic will not. You shouldn’t use Pokémon that have these moves in their set.

We recommend that you fight it with Dark, Electric, Ghost, or Rock-type Pokémon. Most of the time, Pokémon that are capable of employing these attacks and are aligned with these types are better and also can handle Lugia’s heavy attacks.

Raid Availability:

From Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at 10:00 AM local time, to Monday, April 10, 2023, at 10:00 AM local time, Lugia can be caught in 5-Star raids.


Attack Defense HP
193 310 600

The Answer To Lugia Is:

Magnezone is a Pokémon that is both electric and made of steel. It has a strong defense because it is made of steel, but it also has several electric type attacks that would help it beat Lugia.

Because it can do a lot of different things, you can put this Pokémon in the forefront of your team or use it towards the end of a raid to help you win. Spark is the best fast move Magnezone can learn, as well as Wild Charge as well as Zap Cannon are the best charge moves it can learn.

Rampardos is a rock-type Pokémon that you might want to use next. Rampardos doesn’t have the best defence, so you shouldn’t use it in battles against those other trainers outside of the first five raids.

If you have one, you probably won’t use it for anything but PvE battles, like against Lugia. The best moves for Rampardos to use in this battle are Smack Down, which is fast, Rock Slide, which is charged, and Outrage, which is also charged.

The last Pokémon you want on your squad against Lugia is Mega Gengar. It’s the best way to beat this legendary Pokémon because of how strong it is and how easy it is to hit Lugia’s weak spots.

Also, it will help the Pokémon of the other player during the same raid fight. The best moves to understand for this battle are Shadow Claw, which is fast, Shadow Ball, which is charged, and Shadow Punch, which is also charged.

Keep In Mind:

To beat Lugia, you’ll need a group of six Pokémon. Here are some other people you might want to add to your team for the five-star raid.

Galarain Darmanitan
Mega Gyarados


Other Counter For Lugia:

Pokémon Name Fast Attack Charged Attack
Xurkitree Thunder Shock Discharge
Zacian Snarl Wild Charge
Darmanitan Ice Fang Avalanche
Zekrom Charge Beam Fusion Bolt
Gengar Lick Shadow Ball
Hydreigon Bite Brutal Swing
Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball
Girantina Shadow Claw Shadow Force


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