Among Us Patch Update 10.22 To Bring Anonymous Voting, New Modes, and More

Among Us, one of the most amazing and exciting games that most players love to play and it is the most current favorite game that you will find on cross platforms.

You must have surely heard the name of the game as it is among the popular games that you will like to play every single day.

It is basically a detective mystery game that will provide you a thrilling and exciting experience as you will be playing the Among Us game. This game is all about playing two roles among which the players will either have to play the role of Impostors or Crewmates.

Well, if you are not familiar with the rules of the Among Us game then you must know that players can choose to be Impostors or Crewmates.

But if the players are playing in the Among Us game as Impostors then they will have to kill other Crewmates in order to win the match.

But if you are going to play the Among Us game as Crewmates then you will have to complete the given tasks in order to finish the game. Yes, it is essential for the Crewmates to find the hidden Impostors in order to win the game.

You must know that the game developers did already release the new Among Us Update 10.22 for which most of the players as well as fans have been waiting for quite some time now. Let us move forward to know more about the new amazing update of Among Us. 

Features of Among Us Patch Update 10.22

Here, we are going to mention all the essential information about the new features of the Among Us Patch Update 10.22. So that all the Among Us fans and players will be able to have a more clear idea of what the new game update is going to serve.

You must know that since the Among Us game has been released, all the players will have noticed that almost every update has been amazing and exciting.

Therefore most of the players are hoping that the new update is also going to bring more fun, excitement, joy, and definitely the thrill to play more.

Let us now have a look at the amazing features that the new update 10.22 of the Among Us game is going to offer to all the players.

1. Anonymous Voting Option Is Added

The new game update will be changing the colorful display of the previous voting system and replaces it with a grey color voting system.

Unlike the previous voting system, it will be possible for the players to notice that the votes will appear as grey in the new updated voting system.

But you must know that it will appear anonymously as grey. So there will be some players who may not like the new voting system with only a grey color. 

2. Task Bar Modes Are Added In The Game

It is sure that the new Task Bar modes will be available to the game in the new Among Us Update 10.22. You can be able to notice the following changes in the Among Us game. 

  • The Always Mode will work like normal
  • The Meeting Mode will only update the bar when there will be a meeting
  • Invisible Mode will make sure to remove the Taskbar completely 

So there will be a few changes that you can be able to notice in the new update of the Among Us game. But it is sure that you will like some of the updates while you will not like some other updates in the game.

3. Optimizations In The Game

There are surely some optimizations that the new update will be bringing and they are;

  • MIRA: Comms Sabotage Clears The Security Logs
  • Symbols are added in order to fix the wires tasks
  • Cosmetics are added to the meeting screen
  • Various bugs have been fixed

Future Roadmap Of Among Us

One thing is sure and that is there will be a lot of things that have been planned for the future along with the launch of the new Update 10.22 of the Among Us game.

However, you will be somewhat down knowing that there will be no real official roadmap as of now. Here, we are going to mention some of the things that the game developers are expecting to bring to the game in the new update. 

1. Accounts

You must know that it will be possible for all the Among Us players to expect that the accounts are going to come to the game by this December.

So it will mean that the game will be allowing players to report all the accounts that are toxic and/or seems to be hacking other accounts.

It may seem like a little bit barebones at first but there will be other things like a friends list which will be going to come sometime later after the launch. 

2. New Map

The game developers are indeed working hard at work on a new map so that the players will be able to get more excitement and fun when they are playing the new Among Us Game Update.

All the Among Us players will be happy as well as excited to know that the new map is based on the Henry Stickmin theme. You can be able to expect that this map is going to look bigger and larger than Polus.

It is sure that the new map will be containing plenty of new tasks and many more things for the players to experience while playing it. Also, you must know that the new map will be available for free to each and every player.

3. Translations/Localizations

It will be essential for you to know that the game is currently translated into only a few languages.

That is why the developers are currently focusing on getting professional translations of the game into multiple languages. So that it will be possible for other players to play the Among Us game in their own native language or in their favorite language.

4. Colorblind Support 

You need to know that the new Among Us update patch is containing the first pass on the Colorblind support.

The game developers say that they are going to continue monitoring the Colorblind support in order to see how it will be performing. 

That was everything you all need to know about the new patch update 10.22 for the amazing Among Us game.  


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