All The Collectibles In The Fogged Expanse And Where To Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All The Collectibles In The Fogged Expanse And Where To Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you have to go all over the game to find a huge number of items. You’ll have to go through some pretty tricky levels to find them. Some let you change your character’s appearance, some add new features, while others are just for collecting.

Within Star Wars Jedi┬áSurvivor, you need to find several items while you’re wandering Koboh.

In every part of the game, you can find collectibles that give you useful things, items you can trade with sellers, and different ways for Cal to look. These chests hide some of the best ones.

Foothill Falls possesses a lot of these things for sale. Some of these are new hair, a few databank records, some bits of Priorite, as well as a new handle for your blade that lets you change its look.

Foothill Falls has a few of these things, and you might find yourself there at some point in your game. Not every option is accessible to you right away, though. In Star Wars Jedi┬áSurvivor, here’s what you need to know regarding where to find all the items in Foothill Falls.

With our step-by-step steps and thorough explanations, you’ll be ready to easily move through the level to unlock all of its secret prizes.

So, whether you’re a completist who wants to finish the game or a casual player who wants to get more out of it, our guide can help.

Where Could I Find Everything I Want From Foothill Falls?

In Jedi: Survivor, if you look around the Foothill Falls area, you can discover 12 collectibles. This is just one of the many places you can find on the Koboh world outside of Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

We suggest going there at the beginning of your campaign as well as going back when you get better at moving around.

Even though the Foothill Falls aren’t as big as the Derelict Dam, the Devastated Settlement, as well as the Phon’Qi Caverns, I have a soft spot for them.

It’s where I met Skoova Stev for the first time and helped T-1N8 get out of the Abandoned Shack. It’s a great place to cross off the list early, and you can get a lot of benefits from it before the game starts.

All Foothill Falls Treasure Chest Spots:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can find four boxes while wandering Foothill Falls.

Chest 1:

After you employ the first zipline, there is a chest on the right portion of the house behind it. This is the same place where you can meet Skoova Stev for the initial time.

Chest 2:

At the bottom of the water, where you meet Skoova Stev, there is a box. Dive down to the bottom and look on the right side.

Chest 3:

On the opposite edge of the Foothill Falls canyon, there is a chest. With the relay, you can get to this place.

To get to the opposite side, utilize the Nekko at the pools to ascend up to the second area, which looks out over the Abandoned Shack. Then, employ the Advanced Ascension Cable to hook on and climb to the very top, where you can use Force Lift to destroy a box.

Chest 4:

There is strength Back of the Abandoned Shack is where you’ll find the upgrade box. Discover a Nekko at the bottom of one of the pools here and use it to get to the rocks. When you get to the top, there is a Roller Mine spawner you may utilize to break the door and get to the stun canister.

Where Is The Foothill Falls Databank?

In Jedi: Survivor’s Foothill Falls, there are four places where you can find Databanks.

Data Bank 1:

When you get to the opposite edge of the Foothill Falls canyon, you can find a Nekko in a small pool to the left. There ought to be a record in the database that you’re able to find, as well as BD-1 looks for it.

Data Bank 2:

This Databank record is situated close to the canyon, near where the Relter is flying.

Data Bank 3:

There is a big door that BD-1 is able to scan to the correct side for Skoova Stev as well as the pools.

Data Bank 4:

This database is across the river from the last chest in Foothill Falls. You can get here by jumping onto the Yellow balloon beyond the Abandoned Shack.

All Seed Pod Spots In Foothill Falls:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can only find two Seed Pods in Foothill Falls.

1st Seed Pod:

You can use a Relter to get from one end of the Foothill Falls Canyon to the other, but you must first learn how to handle one. On the other side, to the left of where you ought to land, there is a Seed Pod.

2nd Seed Pod:

The second seed pod is on the opposite side of the Abandoned Shack from the first one.

All Treasure Locations In Foothill Falls:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can only find two Treasures in the Foothill Falls.

Treasure 1:

There is a small ledge to the left of the pool of water that you can run across. If you go down this small road, you’ll find a Treasure on top of a few crates at the end.

Treasure 2:

Go lower to the Nekko pool when you get to the canyon on the opposite side of Foothill Falls. On the right side, you can run along a wall that goes all the way around the tunnel. If you jump on the wall as well as climb up to the top, you can find a Treasure upon the rock that looks out over the pools.


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