All The Collectibles From The Gorge Crash Site And Where You Can Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All The Collectibles From The Gorge Crash Site And Where You Can Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Within Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cal’s first stop on Koboh is the Gorge Crash Site, but you’ll have to go back there if you want to get all of the game’s collectibles. The Gorge Crash Site was full of things to buy, but you can’t get to some of them until you hit certain places in the main storyline.

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are a lot of items cleverly hidden all over the map. There are 29 things to collect on Koboh, and 14 of them may be located within the Gorge Crash Site area.

Gorge Crash Site was the first place you’ll visit on the planet Koboh, and Cal Kestis’ journey starts here within Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Each place has a lot of items that players can find as they travel.

Many of them are hard to come by or are located in places that are hard to get to at certain times in the game. Players will need to keep their gaze open in order to make sure none of them are missed. Gorge Crash Site is the name of the first place you’ll check out on Koboh.

In Jedi: Survivor, this is the location where Cal starts his trip before going to see the rest of the world. Here’s what you need to know about all the Gorge Crash Site Collectibles and where to find them in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How To Locate Each Gorge Crash Site Collectible:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can find 14 items within the Gorge Crash Site area of Koboh. Even though this constitutes the first part of the game, don’t think that you’ll be able to find them all right away.

We found out that many of the lost skills were needed in order to locate or get to some of the mentioned items in the area. You’ll have to come back to this place after you get new skills from the primary narrative, and you’ll have to go back to Koboh a lot to find all the collectibles.

In the Gorge Crash Site, you can find six different kinds of collectibles: boxes, Databank records, Force Essence, Force Tears, Seed Pods, as well as Treasures.

All Gorge Crash Sites With Treasure:

In the Jedi: Survivor’s Gorge Crash Site area, there are two secret riches.

Treasure 1:

Head left across the small pond from the Gorge Crash Site Meditation Point. You will be able to run along a wall. Do this to jump onto the rock next to it and get this prize item from what appears to be a bird’s nest.

Treasure 2:

From the Meditation Point, take the road that runs along the Gorge wall to the right. Keep going until you get to a cave. Before going down the cave, turn left as soon as you enter. Here, you can wall-run to a ledge with a priority Shard.

Locations Of All Gorge Crash Site Seed Pods:

Within the Gorge Crash Site area of Jedi: Survivor, you need to find four Seed Pods.

1st Seed Pod:

You will discover these Jedi Survivor seed pods right before you leap on the ledge that leads to the tar pits.

2nd Seed Pod:

These seed pods are in the dried tar pits to the right of the Meditation spot for the Gorge Crash Site.

3rd Seed Pod:

On the left side, these seed pods sit in the same place as the Meditation point.

4th Seed Pod:

To the left of where the Pit Droid crashed their ship, there is a Seed pod in the trees.

All Force Tear Sites At Gorge Crash Sites:

In Jedi: Survivor, there is just one Force Tear located at the Gorge Crash Site.

Tear Force 1:

From the Meditation Point, you can look straight ahead and see an elevator. Raise the lift, but don’t go up. You may apply Force Lift on certain panels to get down to a Force Tear.

You’ll have to deal with these Legendary versions of 3 enemies┬áthe Vile Bilemaw, the Mire Terror, and the Gorocco Matriarch. Good luck!

All Gorge Crash Sites Where You Can Find Force Essence:

In Jedi: Survivor, the Gorge Crash Site is the only place where you can find a Force Essence prize.

Force Essence 1:

For this Jedi: Survivor Force Essence, you need to use Force Lift to get the Pit Droid ship out of the tar pit. You can’t do this job until you gain access to the Force Lift skill, which happens as the game goes on.

All Gorge Crash Sites In The Databank:

In the Gorge Crash Site region in Jedi: Survivor, there are 4 Databank records that you can find.

Databank 1:

When you arrive the Meditation Point, you’ll have your first chance to scan. On the other side of the small pond, to the left, there is a small, rusty droid that allows for scan.

Databank 2:

Also, there are some wrecks within the middle of the pond. There is a Force Echo here that you may speak to.

Databank 3:

From the Meditation Point, take the path to the right that goes into a cave. At some point, you’ll come across a skeleton that feels crushed on the right. It can be read here.

Databank 4:

Before going into the Derelict Dam, there is also a place to check at the tar pit. After throwing the bursting robot at the wall and seeing the tar level rise, you are able to scan the tar from the platform you are able to leap to in the center of the tar.

Where Each Gorge Crash Site Chest Is:

Chest 1:

This Jedi: Survivor chest can be found near the center of the Gorge Crash Site. It will be on top of a rock to the left of the Meditation Point. You can use your Ascension Cable to get to this place.

Chest 2:

At the conclusion of this area, this chest will show right away. Before you get to the Derelict Dam area, it will be situated to your right.


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