All The Collectibles From The Corroded Silos And Where To Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All The Collectibles From The Corroded Silos And Where To Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Collectibles are a big part of any video game, and Star Wars Jedi Survivor has a lot of them. There are many places you can go in the game, and they are all different sizes.

The bigger turfs have fun to explore, but the smaller ones are harder to get through. One among these smaller areas is the Corroded Silo.

Corroded Silo More Information:

Corroded Silo is a hidden underground place in the Rambler’s Reach region of Koboh Planet. It has nothing to do with the Star Wars Jedi Survivor narrative, but you might want to go there because it has three Chests as well as three Databank records that you can collect.

When you play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, you can visit a number of different places. Some of the lesser-known locations are harder to find. The Corroded Silo serves as one of the small places.

When you are looking for the High Republic Chambers, you can find the Corroded Silo. This place has the Chamber of Fortitude, and inside there are a few collectibles you can look for to add to your collection.

This guide shows you where to find all of the items within Star Wars Jedi Survivor that are in the Corroded Silo.

How To Get Into The Corroded Silo Within The Southern Reach:

Before talking about where all the items are, it’s important to know where the Corroded Silo is and how to get there.

The entry to the Corroded Silo was situated on the roof of a round house, which you observe on the Koboh mab below.

This entry, or door, can’t be opened until later in the game because it needs Cal to have the Force Lift/Slam ability, which he gets as his story goes on.

You also need the Air Dash to get around the area, so once you’ve unlocked those skills, go back to the Southern Reach as well as the roof indicated next, lift the hatch, as well as drop into the Corroded Silo.

Where To Look For Every Collectible From Corroded Silo:

You can find six things to collect within the Corroded Silo. This is a place on Koboh where you can find Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Southern Reach region. It’s located inside the big building in the middle of the area, so you are able to obtain it there if you have the Force Lift skill.

During my first few minutes of playing Jedi: Survivor, I missed this spot for a while. It’s partly hidden because it’s under a bigger building and can’t be seen until you have the Force Life ability.

When I went back to these places on Kobo after playing Jedi: Survivor, it was a nice surprise to see how many layers they all had.

Location Of  The Corroded Silo Chest:

In Jedi Survivor, you can find three Databank files inside the Corroded Silo.

Chest 1:

You are going to reach the lower floors in the Corrodes Silo when you are close to the subsequent Data Bank location.

Here is where the first Chest can be found. Along the way, you’ll have to kill three baddies to get two personal items: a goatee as well as a moustache.

Chest 2:

Before you jump lower to the final level, the next Chest was nearer to the bottom in the Corroded Silo. You will discover it on the correct side inside a chest that you have to Force Lift as well as Force Slam.

Chest 3:

You can see a small space under the second Chest. Here is where you can find the third Chest. To break it open to reveal the goodies inside, you will have to lift and slam it hard. Some of the things are used to make weapons.

Location Of The Corroded Silo Data Bank:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can find three Databank files inside the Corroded Silo.

Data Bank 1:

To get this Data Bank item, you need to fight a pair Bedlam Raiders near the top of Corroded Silo.

Data Bank 2:

There is going to be a second record in the Data Bank near the first box. It is guarded by a B1 Battle Droid.

Data Bank 3:

The last Data Bank record is near the bottom of the Corroded Silo, near the door to the Chamber of Fortitude.


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