All Of The Collectibles From The Abandoned Dam And Where To Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All Of The Collectibles From The Abandoned Dam And Where To Find Them In Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Within Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can do anything you want in the wild world of Koboh. Cal might be worried about stopping the Empire as well as finding a safe place for people who are being hurt by the Emperor, Vader, as well as their minions.

Cal knows that this is a dangerous time, but he also knows that among the plants and animals of Koboh, there are secrets as well as things to find.

On Koboh, the Derelict Dam area has a huge number of items that you need to find. Not only are there a lot of them, but you’ll also need to come back to this region often to get them all.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Derelict Dam was the second place you’ll see in the Dredger Gorge located on Koboh during the main task to Find Greez.

Unfortunately, you can’t get all of the Derelict Dam Treasures on your first trip because you need to unlock certain skills and upgrades first.

Also, getting around the Derelict Dam is occasionally hard, and you have to solve a few tasks to get to the secret or blocked trails.

Within the Derelict Dam, there’s a lot of things that can help Cal in his quest by giving him more XP or just make him feel better about himself by giving him different ways to look good on the job.

Follow our step-by-step guide if you want to find everything. That way, you won’t miss any single Seed Pod as well as priority Shard.

Where To Find Everything You Can Collect From An Old Dam:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can find 47 Collectibles within the Derelict Dam area. There are a lot of things you may discover, and some of them won’t be available unless you gain certain skills by going through the story.

You’ll go back to Koboh a lot to find more things to collect. We suggest going back to the Derelict Dam often in order to learn these skills or waiting until you’ve finished the main story within Jedi: Survivor.

You also need to go to the Boiling Bluffs, which are in the middle of Koboh, to open up another place. There is a big bird that will carry you to the highest point of the Derelict Dam, giving you access to the last parts of these collections.

Within the Derelict Dam area, you can find six different kinds of things to collect. You will find Treasures, Seed Pods, Chests, Databank records, a Force Tear, and Force Essence.

All Derelict Dam Chest Locations:

Chest No. Description
1 From the Derelict Dam Meditation Point, head down the path. After passing the yellow circular elevator on your left, you will find a chest against a wall just beyond it.
2 From the Derelict Dam Meditation Point, head down the path and take a left at the circular elevator and go inside the cave. A roller droid will emerge. Destroy it and find a chest at the end of the cave on the left side.
3 From the chest above, continue further into the cave and grapple up to the next pathway. Once you come across a ledge to jump down, turn left before approaching to find an open area that is dimly lit. Wall run on the right to reach a ledge with a chest.
4 Right next to the chest above is a battery that you can shoot with BD-1’s electro dart. This will unlock the chest across the room but will also kickstart a fight with Vashtan Wolfe.
5 Climb the vines on the right side of the hole in the dam wall. Once on top, jump to the platforms floating in the tar to reach a climbable wall on the back side of the rocky formation in the center. Once up top, you’ll find a Chest.
6 Spawn a roller droid from inside the cave next to the Derelict Dam Meditation Point. Guide it on the path by the red wheel-like object, and then toss it at the breakable rock wall below on the right side of the map. You will fight a few enemies on the new path inside, but at the end, there will be a rope. At the top of the rope, follow the path left until you see a yellow door that requires Force Lift to open. This path will then lead you to the Gorrocco Matriarch which you must defeat in order to access the chest it’s guarding.
7 From the Derelict Dam Meditation Point, on your immediate right is a vine wall you can climb down to a lower level. Once at the bottom, head left through some debris. On your right near a ledge, you’ll find a chest.
8 Ride the elevator down from the point beneath the giant alien dinosaur. Head into an area with containers and a box you can lift with the force. Push it to the wall on the right side of the area. Use it to jump up and wall run to a ledge containing this chest.

All Derelict Dam Databank Locations:

In Jedi: Survivor, you’re required to find 10 Databank records in Derelict Dam.

Databank No. Description
1 You can find this at the starting area of the Derelict Dam before you reach the Meditation Point.
2 The second Databank location will be behind the metal wall that you can use Force Pull on, to the left of the Meditation Point. You can grab it after defeating the Gorocco.
3 The third Jedi: Survivor Databank entry is to the left of the bridge. It’s the dead Bedlam Raider you find on the ground that Cal remarks had “lucky shots” in them.
4 You can find this Data Bank entry at the crumbling Dam that’s holding back all the tar.
5 After adventuring close to the Dam, you can find this one inside the cave, to the left of it. This will be a Force Echo entry of a dead prospector.
6 There is a Force Echo behind the broken down mining equipment, which you can reach by jumping through the tar after breaking the Dam.
7 You can find this Data Bank entry below the Meditation point. Climb down the vines, and you’ll find it directly next to them.
8 This will be a Force Echo of a prospector that drowned close to Databank Location 7.
9 There is another Databank entry next to the Dam, to the right of where you find Databank Location 4.
10 The final Data Bank entry on the ledge leading away from the Jedi: Survivor Meditation Point. You can reach this area by taking the Roller Mine to the crumbling wall next to the first elevator. Destroy it, and then go through the Ravine and onto the higher levels. There will be a lunch box you can scan.

All Places To Find Derelict Dam Force Essence:

In Jedi: Survivor, there are 5 locations where you can find Force Essence in Derelict Dam.

Force Essence 1:

You can find this Force Essence in the Derelict Dam, to the left of the Meditation point. You’ll have to beat the Gorocco that is guarding it in order to go behind the big metal wall.

Force Essence 2:

After you’ve unlocked Force Lift as well as the Upgraded Ascension Cable, you are able to locate this Jedi: Survivor Force Essence spot. You are able to employ the Upgraded Ascension Cables to raise the balloons behind the Gorocco Matriarch after you use Force Lift on a wall on the upper level.

Force Essence 3:

You can find one before you get Force Essence 2 to the left of the lift, close to the door where Force Lift is used. You are able to reach this place before the first one and then go back with the right skill upgrades to get the first one.

Force Essence 4:

After you obtain Force Lift by offering BD-1 the Koboh Grinder Upgrade, you can get this Force Essence. With Force Lift, you can pull down a bridge that lets you cross the tar wall.

You can use an Orb to break up some Koboh Matter up here. Then, you can employ a Roller Mine to break up a breakable here, which gives you a position to break up additional Koboh Matter.

Force Essence 5:

This one is in the bottom part of the Derelict Dam. After using the vines to jump down to the bottom, get to the other side, climb the runnable wall, as well as enter the next area. This will have an easy-to-get Force Essence that you can get early on in the game.

All Abandoned Dam Force Tear Sites:

In the game Jedi: Survivor, there is only one place where you can find a Force Tear in Derelict Dam.

Tear Force 1:

Get to Boiling Bluff Meditation Point quickly. You’ll see the big bird you set free in the Forrest Array, close to where it lives.

Apply the balloons to get there, and then employ the force on it to get on it. It will drop you back within the Derelict Dam area on a hill. A Force Tear is at the rear of the latest level.

All Places Where Derelict Dam Seed Pods Are:

In the Jedi: Survivor area called “Derelict Dam,” you can collect 13 Seed Pods.

Seed Pod No. Description
1 You can find this small cluster of seeds close to the Jedi: Survivor Workbench, next to the Meditation point
2 This second pile of clusters will be next to the bridge connecting the Meditation point to the tar dam.
3 This seed pod will be close to Meditation, in the bottom area where you can shimmy down the vines.
4 There are three Seed Pods close to where you can find the Force Essence after defeating the Gorocco Matriarch.
7 You can find these Seed Pods close to the large beast in the area, right before you go down the elevator towards the Southern Reach.
8 These Seed Pods are in the upper area of the Dam, where you need to use Force Lift to lower the piston.
10 These Jedi: Survivor Seed Pods are on the way to the Gorocco Matriarch, next to the Databank entry on the side of the ridge.
11 There are two Seed Pods on the top area of the Derelict Dam, where you need to visit the Boiling Bluff and have access to the Confusion: Major Fauna ability to fly the bird to this location.
13 You can find this next to the wire right before you scale these walls in the lower tar pits to go to the Force Essence.


All Derelict Dam Treasure Locations:

There are 10 Treasures hidden in the Derelict Dam in Jedi: Survivor.

Treasure No. Description
1 You can find this Treasure close to the start, below the Workbench, next to the breakable wall.
2 This Treasure is in the back of the cave, inside the small cavern with the two chests. It will be inside the unlit brazier.
3 You can find this one in the upper areas of Jedi: Survivor’s Derelict Dam, after you use Force Lift on the yellow piston. You will need to scale the wall on the right side, next to the Droideka.
4 You can find this Treasure underneath the broken down mining equipment, behind the broken Dam.
5 This Treasure is hidden in the lower area close to the Meditation point. You’ll need to scale the jump behind the Meditation point and jump down, where there is a small cliff.
6 You’ll find a Treasure in the area behind the Gorocco Matriarch. You need to unlock the Upgraded Ascension Cable and Force Lift to reach this area.
7 This Treasure will be underneath where you break the Dam, on the right side.
8 You can find this Treasure when scaling the upper area leading to the Gorocco Matriarch. It’ll be where the regular Gorocco jumps down on the two droids. Scale up the rope, and then jump down onto the rocks below.
9 You can find this Treasure to the right of the Meditation Point at the Southern Reach before you go into the next area.
10 You can find this Jedi: Survivor Treasure in the last area of the Derelict Dam, where you need to fly the bird from the Boiling Bluff to this location. You will need to have the Confusion: Large Fauna ability unlocked. A Scavenger droid protects it.


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