All The Collectibles From The Basalt Rift And Where To Find Them Throughout Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All The Collectibles From The Basalt Rift And Where To Find Them Throughout Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Cal may be a Jedi, but when the Empire reached its strongest, he was also a kind of hunter. During Cal’s journey within Star Wars Jedi Survivor, he will find and collect different things, such as cosmetic choices for himself and BD-1.

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players can go to different worlds instead of just staying in one big place.

Because the game is set in an open world, players are able to go anywhere they would like at any time. While visiting these places, players will find a lot of collectibles. Some of these will be made up of boxes, while others will be within the shape of data banks and other things.

In the many worlds of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are tonnes of items to look for. Each of these realms is further divided into areas, with most of the valuables being in Koboh. Since there are so many, it can be hard to find them all.

In Koboh, the Basalt Rift is an early spot where you can find a few collectibles, but not nearly the amount found at the Derelict Dam. Still, you won’t be able to use some of these until you get further in the game as well as unlock some of Cal’s special skills.

If you can’t seem to get to a place, just move on with the main story as well as come back to the Rift later. Within Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we’ll talk about everything you can find in the Basalt Rift.

What Kinds Of Collectibles Can You Look For?

There are four different kinds of items in the Basalt Rift. Here’s what they are: Seed Pods for use in Chests, Treasures, as well as Databank Entries.

Where May I Find Every Collectible In Basalt Rift?

Within the Basalt Rift area of Jedi: Survivor, you can find 23 Collectibles. Remember that you won’t be ready to get all of them on the initial visit through Koboh.

You’ll have to go back there a lot to find everything. The Basalt Rift was one of the first places we went on a trip when the main story began.

Here, a few tasks are shown, and this is a great way to get a feel for what to expect in the rest of Jedi Survivor’s different areas. It’s a huge space, and there are things to collect all over.

Where Each Chest Is In Basalt Rift:

Within Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the entrance to the Basalt Rift is a big crack in the rock in Swindler’s Wash. Jump down the zip line when you’re done. Then you have to jump over the space in front of you.

Stormtroopers will be on the other side, and you’ll be dealing with them to move forward. After this point, items within the Basalt Rift area start to show up in caves.

Past the Stormtroopers, you’ll see a place to grab on, but you have to ignore it. Instead, you’ll have to jump down to a different grapple location in the cave beneath it and then go down the wall to get to the next area.

You’ll see a light beneath you, therefore simply drop down and open the box next to it. Then, go back up and turn left. You’ll see a second rope that goes into a different part of the area.

Hop on, turn 180 degrees to the right when you land, and slide down the hill in front of you. You may disregard the stormtroopers if you want. There’s a deep hole at the end, so make sure to jump prior to the hill stops. The second chest is situated in front of you in a small cave.

Follow the main road to get to the third chest. This will require you to climb up a pair of vines while running along the wall. At some point, you’ll find a stim box, which is our third item to collect in this area.

The fourth chest also lies not too far away. Follow the main road as well as drop down into a region where there are Stormtroopers. If you beat them, the chest is going to be on your left, giving you an abdominal cut.

For the last chest, you’ll need to drop below and go into a recess right below the fourth one. After getting rid of some monsters, you’ll be shown the fifth chest, which is the last one for this part of Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

All Databank Locations For The Basalt Rift:

In the Basalt Rift area of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are no less than eight databank items to find.

Databank No. Description
1 Starting at the Basalt Rift Meditation Point, follow the main path as you did with the chests above. The first databank will come from the crashed drop pod in the area with the first Stormtrooper encounter.
2 The second databank can be found almost immediately after the first. You can obtain it by grappling and climbing across the gap above the cave where the first chest resides.
3 For the third databank, continue following the path inside the cave until you slide down the same slope you used to get the second chest.
4 The fourth databank lies in a small area that you can get to by continuing down the main path. An NPC by the name of Toa can be found here as well.
5 Once you’ve collected the fourth databank, fast travel back to the Basalt Rift Meditation Point and turn around. Travel back to the passage through which you entered the Basalt Rift region. The fifth databank is on a pillar just after the first zipline.
6 The sixth databank lies in the area with the Stormtroopers, where you found the chest with the hair crew cut.
7 The seventh databank also isn’t far. All you need to do is keep dropping down from the previous area and move to the left. The databank will be at the base of a small waterfall with some creatures around you.
8 For the final databank, you’ll need to use the Force to pull out two large pillars from the side of the mountain in order to make a platform. Both pillars are on opposite sides of each other. You might need to defeat the creatures in the area as well.

All Basalt Rift Treasure Locations:

Treasure No. Description
1 When you first enter the area from Swindler’s Wash, you’ll see a wall run to a small cave. Inside, is the first Treasure. Note that you may need to use your lightsaber to break the rock pillars to get it to appear.
2 After you use the cable at the entrance, you’ll come across a series of wall runs that lead into the next area. You need to successfully complete them, but before moving on, turn around and you’ll notice a ledge on your right that you can use the wall run to get to from this new angle.
3 From the region’s Meditate point, you need to head up on the left path. If this is your first time through, you’ll have to go out of the way a bit, but you’ll get there. Eventually, you’ll come across a Yeti-looking creature in an old building. Kill it and then use the wall runs to get up to a ledge and find this treasure at the top.
4 As you get close to the exit to the Forest Array, you’ll start to run into blue particles that hurt you. When you get to the pit, look for a cave on your right that you can climb to. The treasure is in there.
5 You’ll have to backtrack a bit from the last one to the area where you fought the large beast. On the same level as the beast, you’ll see a droid that runs away from you. Kill it to get this final Treasure.


All Basalt Rift Seed Pod Locations:

Seed Pod No. Description
1 The first seed pod in the Basalt Rift is located where you find Toa. In order to reach it, all you need to do is run straight from the Basalt Rift Meditation Point.
2 The second seed pod can be found below the area with the first treasure. You have to descend along a small waterfall and slide in its stream to reach the seed.
3 The third seed pod can be found exactly where you found the second Priorite Shard treasure item.
4 & 5 The fourth and fifth seed pods can be found in close proximity in the ravine with several creatures in it, just after you fight a small group of Stormtroopers. This is also the area where the two pillars have to be levitated out of the mountainside by using Cal’s Force ability.


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