How To Open All The Doors In Amnesia

How To Open All The Doors In Amnesia:

Amnesia The Bunker was full of traps, locked doors, and places that you can’t get to. Players will have to figure out how to navigate through a number of doors so as to collect everything they need to get out of this death bunker.

Several of the doors is easier to open than others, but all of them can be used to get to new shortcuts or places that couldn’t be reached before. The only thing players need to do to get via each type is to know what they’re looking for.

Open a door. In Amnesia Even in the mines, a door handle doesn’t always work on the bunker. There are a lot of doors that are locked in your way. We’ll explain how to get them open.

Amnesia is what it’s all about. The Bunker gets away to a “good” launch because you have to deal with the first problems right away in the hole.

You will need to open some doors, but they will not budge. Opening them by kicking? That can’t happen. Taking aim at them? Not even close. How do you get these things open? This guide is meant to help.

How To Open All Kinds Of Doors:

Below, we’ve listed the different kinds of doors within Amnesia The Bunker as well as told you how to open them.

Before doing anything else, players ought to attempt to unlock almost every door, just in case they’re already unlocked and can be opened. The story of a game often has more than one way to move forward, and someone could use one of these ways to get via a door and take an item.

Wooden Doors:

Most likely, wooden doors are the easiest to break down. Regardless of what thickness the wood is within the opening, there are many ways for players to break it or open it.

Walk around the door that is locked. This works best for both locked doors into the barracks. There are open doors upon the other section of the barracks that players don’t need to waste materials to get into.

This works because it keeps you from making too much noise, which is one of the worst things you can do in Amnesia. Use something heavy to smash the door. Players can pick up rocks and throw them at wooden items to break them, just like in the training for Amnesia: The Bunker.

This usually takes a pair hits, yet it additionally generates enough noise for the monster to come check it out. Use a bomb to blow the door open. Use the shotgun to break down the door.

In Amnesia The Bunker, you can find the shotgun in the Roman area after the Tunnels or in one of the boxes in Mission Storage. Make the monster break down the door rather than the door.

This is great for players who don’t want to spend their own time or money doing it. Just ensure that Henri has a way to get away from this scary horror game character so he doesn’t die.

Open Doors With A Lock:

Amnesia: The Bunker’s locked doors are only accessible alongside the right key. Players have to look around the bunker in search of the right key.

There is always a note in the bunker telling people where to find the key, whether it’s in a certain room, another area of the basement, or someone’s locker or bed. With the facts they have, players require to do a little investigating to find the key.

How To Open Locked Doors:

Also, some doors are going to be locked with padlocks. You don’t need a code or tool to do these. You’ll need to fire at the padlock alongside your gun or throw something heavy at it to break it. Remember that bullets are very scarce, so don’t use them unless you have to.

Unlock Locked Doors:

A number of the Bunker’s doors have been secured with chains. The only way to open these is with bolt cutters. This provides a pretty quiet method to get through these doors, so players shouldn’t be concerned too much regarding being heard if they do it this way.

Open-Code Lock Doors:

The only way to open the code locks upon lockers as well as doors is to find the codes for them surrounding the cave.

Most of the time, these codes are written upon the back of dog tags that are on or near dead bodies all over the cave. We have found a few of these in other places, like on radio broadcasts or notes, yet these are very rare.

Locked Doors On The Inside:

When a door is locked from within, usually with a key, you have to find another way into the room to open it from the inside.

This could be a vent upon the other side of the room as well as a hole within the wall that is blocked with boxes and other items. With a wrench or by moving that furniture, players will be able to get into the room.

Trapped Doors:

Inside the bunker, there are a lot of trap doors. Each one is marked with a red X somewhere on the frame. Henri could hurt himself or cause a lot of noise if he tries to open these.

But it is also possible to just push the door open as well as jump out of out of the trap. In Amnesia: The Bunker, you can also cut the lines holding a door shut with the bolt cutters.


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