All The Collectibles For Riverbed Watch And Where To Find Them Throughout Star Wars Jedi Survivor

All The Collectibles For Riverbed Watch And Where To Find Them Throughout Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

The Riverbed Watch spot on the planet Koboh is one of the places where items have been strategically hidden in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Even though there are many dangerous enemies, you should still try to get all of the trinkets if you want that sweet 100% success rate. It’s hard to find every single item, but it’s not impossible.

When you play Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the Riverbed Watch serves as one of the places you can visit. Not only was it full of scary enemies, but it also has a few items that are worth looking for.

Even though there isn’t a boss blocking any of the items in this area, there are a lot of baddies to watch out for, so get ready. Aside from these enemies, you will spend most of your time moving around the map to find the rewards.

This will make it easy to pick them up quickly. Some of these things to collect are databanks, two Priorite bits, a new hairstyle for Cal, a lot of seeds, and, most importantly, some Force Essence.

When you open Jedi: Survivor, this is one of the first places you can choose to go. It’s not too far from both the Southern Reach as well as Rambler’s Reach Outposts, and you can find a few useful upgrades there.

This guide tells you where to find all of the Riverbed Watch Collectibles in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Where To Locate Every Collectible Riverbed Watch:

Within the Riverbed Watch area of Jedi: Survivor, you need to find 12 Collectibles. This place is on Koboh. It is near the Southern Reach and right before you arrive at Rambler’s Reach Outpost, which is the main place on the planet.

The Riverbed serves as one of the easier places to explore upon Koboh, so it could be a single of the places I could finish without finishing the mission. Almost everything here is easy to understand and doesn’t require too many story-locked force skills.

Find All Riverbed Watch Chests:

Chest 1:

You can find this box at the highest point of the Watchtower. This spot is in the middle of the Riverbed Watch. To get the chest, you’ll have to kill all the Droids guarding it.

All Databank Locations For Riverbed Watch:

In Jedi: Survivor, you can use a total of 4 Databank files to locate the Riverbed Watch area.

Data Bank 1:

You can find this spot near the starting area of Riverbed Watch, close to the Southern Reach Area.

Data Bank 2:

Within the Riverbed Watch area, you’ll find a creek. If you track this creek beneath the path to Harvest Ridge, you’ll find a tiny cavern on the left side. Here is the second post you made.

Data Bank 3:

You can climb a cliff right next to the Watchtower. Your third opening is at the top of this cliff.

Data Bank 4:

You can find this post at the Watchtower beneath the bluff where you got the Chest treasure.

Locations Of All Riverbed Watch Force Essence:

In Jedi: Survivor, there is only one place to find Force Essence in the Riverbed Watch.

Force Essence 1:

At the very top of the Watchtower is where you will discover the Force Essence. This is an alternative spot to take over within Jedi: Survivor, and you should be able to do so once you have killed all of the Battle Droids guarding it.

Where Is The Riverbed Watch Seed Pod?

Within the Riverbed Watch area of Jedi: Survivor, you need to find four Seed Pods.

Seed Pods Nos. 1–3:

Near the dam that leads from Riverbed Watch to Rambler’s Reach Outpost, there is a group of three seed pods. There are two pods. One is next to the road near the creek, and the other is on the other side of the creek.

To get these souvenirs, you need to kill the plants. But don’t get too near to the dam, or you’ll end up in a different part of the map.

4th Seed Pod:

Once you clear the bush by using the moving orbs around it, you will come across the final seed pod near a big green structure next to some trees.

All Treasures In Riverbed Watch:

Within the Riverbed Watch area of Jedi: Survivor, you can find two Treasures.

Treasure 1:

You can find the first Treasure at the top of the Watchtower. You will have to climb up and kill the droids. It should be close to where they live.

Treasure 2:

Closer to the river, there’s a second Treasure. It’s guarded by a Scavenger Droid, which you’ll have to take down quickly before it runs away.


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