All Parts To Play Within Goose Goose Duck

All Parts To Play Within Goose Goose Duck:

Goose Goose Duck has a great secret role game where you and the other geese have to do jobs while attempting to figure off who is really a duck.

The ducks have joined the group and are trying to kill everyone without getting found and being kicked out. This crazy social analysis game is plenty of fun, and you are able to play it with your phone.

One of these differences is how many parts Goose Goose Duck plays. You don’t have to take on these roles, and you can turn them on or off whenever you want. With 24 different jobs, like neutral, goose, and duck, there is plenty to keep track of. These roles are listed below.

The Roles may grant a goose special abilities, but the bad ducks can do the same thing. Neutral Goose jobs are all different, and they win when they reach their own goals. You can have a lot of joy playing them.

Goose Goose Duck is fun because it has a lot of different things to do. There are different ways to play the game, and there are also more than 40 parts to choose from.

Each round, these jobs change how you play. There are fun parts for both geese and ducks, as well as neutral parts that seek victory on their own. With so many jobs to choose from, here are the most rewarding ones to try while you can.

Every Role Of A Goose And A Duck:

Below, we’ve listed all of the roles that can be played within Goose Goose Duck. This divides between the basic parts and the special roles, which have different tasks for the people to do.

If people aren’t sure what to do in a certain job, they should look through the list of duties to identify the ones they don’t know and begin to learn them.

Basic Roles

Role Name


Ducks These players are essentially the Impostors from Among Us. They must secretly kill all of the Geese to win the game while sabotaging parts of the map.
Goose These players are essentially Crewmates from Among Us. They need to work together to vote out the Ducks or complete all their tasks to win the game.


Special Roles To Play:

  • Adventurer Goose: This person can’t die from damage caused by the surroundings.
  • Assassin Duck: This person can kill a character within a meeting if they guess the right part. But if they’re wrong, they’ll die.
  • Astral Goose: This character’s spirit can be separated so that it can move through buildings and watch other players.
  • Avenger Goose: If this Goose sees another player kill someone, it can kill that person for a short time.
  • Birdwatcher Goose: Birdwatcher Goose’s normal vision isn’t very good, but he or she is able to see through walls.
  • Goose, Bodyguard: Within this role, the player’s job is to protect someone else. This character will die if they stand between the target as well as a killer, but they will get an incentive for their trouble.
  • Canadian Goose: If you kill this character, you will immediately report yourself as the murderer.
  • Cannibal Duck: This character may conceal a dead body by eating it once per match.
  • Celebrity Goose: Celebrity Goose means that when this character dies, other players will know about it.
  • Demolitionist Duck: This figure sets bombs on other people.
  • Detective Goose: With this job, a player can look into another person once to see if they have killed someone.
  • Dodo: If this person wins, they are out of the game, so they need to act suspicious.
  • Dueling Dodos: When two Dodos fight each other, this figure wins if another Dodo dies. If that Dodo continues to be living, you can kill it by doing certain things.
  • Engineer Goose: When this character is in play, the mini-map shows where sabotages are briefly called from. If they see these plans in time, they may halt them.
  • Esper Goose: This character is capable of killing other players from far away and talk to them from far away as well.
  • Falcon: This figure doesn’t have to vote at all. They win if they are the last ones left living. The only way they can lose is if the Ducks do something bad or if the Geese do everything right.
  • Gravy Goose: This character’s reward goes up as they finish jobs. They have to stay alive so that no one else can steal their money.
  • Hitman Duck: This character gets a boost when he kills other ducks.
  • Identity Thief Duck: This character can change into the person they kill until they meet that person again.
  • Invisibility Duck: This figure can become invisible for a short time.
  • Locksmith Goose: As the character Locksmith Goose, a player can always open the jail door.
  • Lover Goose/Duck: This character wins if they and their love interest are still alive at the end of the match.
  • Mechanic Goose: Players may utilize vents when they play as this character.
    Medium Goose: This figure can always tell how many ghosts are around.
  • Mimic Goose: This figure looks like a different duck to the other ducks.
  • Morphling Duck: The Morphling Duck is a duck that can change into other ducks within the game.
  • Mortician Goos: With this figure, a player can look into a dead body to find out what part it played in life.
  • Ninja Duck: If two other characters are nearby, this character may kill both of them at the same time.
  • Party Duck: Players may give one other personality a very high-pitched voice with this part.
  • Pelican: To win this job, a player has to be the last one left who is not a duck. Players can be eaten by pelicans, but they don’t die till the next meeting.
  • Pigeon: To win, this character wants to give everyone else a disease before the next meeting.
  • Politician Goose:  With this job, the player always wins a tie vote and can’t go to jail.
  • Professional Duck: This character can’t report dead people, and geese can’t see what this character has killed. But if Geese receive too close, an automatic kill report is sent.
  • Serial Killer Duck: For this character’s cooldown to go down, it has to kill its target. It will get worse if you kill other people.
  • Sheriff Goose: This figure dies when a goose is killed.
  • Silencer Duck: As this figure, a player can put a player to sleep in a meeting.
  • Snitch Duck: If this character votes for another player while that player gets no other votes, that character is sent to jail.
  • Snoop Goose: Characters who have this job are able to conceal in vents.
  • Spy Duck: If you’re the only one in a meeting to vote for a player, you know what their job is.
  • Street Urchin Goose: When this character is playing this part, they can open seals from the inside.
  • Technician Goose: Technician Goose can see where mischief was called in.
  • Tracker Goose: When you play as this character, you can see who’s outside when it’s storming.
  • Undertaker Duck: Undertaker Duck is a figure who can slowly pull and hide bodies.
  • Vigilante Goose: When playing as this personality, players may murder another player without being punished.
  • Vulture: If you play as this character, your only goal is to eat the body of a killed Goose.
  • Warlock Duck: This character’s mischief is to call up a dangerous swarm of locusts.


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