What’s The Dares Of Eternity Loot Pool For This Week In Destiny 2?

What’s The Dares Of Eternity Loot Pool For This Week In Destiny 2?

The Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2 take place in Xûr’s land of Eternity, which is its own little world. As a component of the 30th Anniversary Pack DLC, Dares was released with a number of exclusive things, though not all of them are new.

In Destiny 2, Xur hosts the space game show called “The Dares of Eternity.” Xur usually only turns up on Fridays at a random spot to trade rare loot with Guardians who find him, but in the Dares of Eternity game, he is more active.

With the help of a fire squad of six Guardians, you can work jointly to win some great prizes that change on a loot table. This guide talks about the items that can be found in Destiny 2’s Dares of Eternity.

Dares of Eternity remains a popular part of Destiny 2 because it is a fun 6-person game that is free for all players. It’s also intriguing and enjoyable to run alongside friends, and it has a lot of loot, including some guns that are thought to be the best.

Every week, the Dares of Eternity pool changes to include clothing and weapons that can’t be gotten any other way in the game, like old holiday gear.

Also, Dares of Eternity is the only way to get 30th Anniversary weapons like the BxR-55 Battler or The Other Half, which may drop at the conclusion of an action or from Xûr’s chest in Eternity.

What Time Does The Weekly Reset For Destiny 2 Happen?

Every Tuesday at 10 a.m. PT, 1 p.m. ET, as well as 5 p.m. GMT, the weekly reset for Destiny 2 takes place.

How Do I Get Into The Dares Of Eternity Area?

Now, Xur will always be a part of the Destiny World. As was already said, he is also selling all of the things for this event. Go to Destinations and look for “Eternity,” which is close to the Tower.

This will start the game. Below is a screen shot. When you click on the planet, the following will show up.

  1. Grasp of Avarice: The Dungeon was added to Grasp of Avarice throughout the 30th anniversary update.
  2. Dares of Eternity: Here’s how the action gets started. Pinnacle Gear has won 250,000 awards.
  3. Xur’s Treasure Hoard: The place where Xur as well as his star-horse are is called Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Both will give you prizes and bonuses.

Loot Pool For Dares Of Eternity From May 30 To June 6:

The types of loot you can get from the Dares of Eternity change every week, but you can get things from three different groups. For the week of May 30, throughout the festive season of the Seraph, these will be all the prizes you can get from playing the Dares of Eternity game.

  • Annual Skate
  • Brass Attacks
  • Code Duello
  • DIstant Tumulus
  • Extraordinary Rendition
  • Far Future
  • Honor’s Edge
  • Imperial Needle
  • Interference VI
  • Praefectur Armor
  • Scathelocke
  • Scatterhorn Armor
  • Shepherd’s Watch
  • Threaded Needle

When you finish the Dares of Eternity, you can expect to get these sets of weapons and gear. The best benefits come from taking part with the Legend version of this game.

You’ll be fighting against stronger enemies, but you have a better chance of getting better gear and can get Enhancement Prisms for the prize.

Also, if you get an achievement of 250,000 at the conclusion of the week, you’ll get a Pinnacle gear drop, just like with the other events in Destiny 2. The Pinnacle prize can be earned every week for one week, and it resets when the week is over.

What Is This Week’s Nightfall Weapon In Destiny 2?

The Hung Jury Scout Rifle is this week’s Nightfall weapon. When you finish the Nightfall, you can also get the following prizes.

Powerful (Tier 1) Get 3 points when you finish a run. Higher challenges give more points. Get a Nightfall number of 200k. This is the top prize. Since modifiers can’t be changed, this needs a hard run.

Nightfall The Light-blade:


  • Nightfall Hero:

    • Shielded Enemies: You will fight people who have [Arc], [Solar], and [Void] shields.
    • Foes with shields: [Arc], [Solar], and [Void] Shields
    • Hero Changes: Extra Shields; Highest Level of Effectiveness: 1765
    • Champion Enemies: You’ll face [Block-Piercing], [Stagger], and [Unstoppable] Champions. You can see your current anti-Champion perks by going to the Character as well as Mod Customization screen.
    • Champion Enemies: You’ll face [Block-Piercing], [Stagger], and [Unstoppable] Champions.
    • Arc Threat: Damage from arcs is increased by 25%.
    • Fire Pit: When Acolytes are killed, they make pools of fire that do damage over time.
    • Overcharged Weapons: In this game, weapons with extra charges associated with the Seasonal Artefact can be used. When the element of your subclass fits the element of an ongoing surge, kinetic weapons do more damage.
    • Arc Surge: Arc Surge adds 25% to the damage done by arcs.
    • Strand Surge: Strand Surge adds 25% to the damage done by Strand.
    • Overcharged Glaive: Damage from Glaive is increased by 25%.
    • Galvanised: When people are galvanised, they have more wellness and are harder to stun.
  • Nightfall Legend:
    • All of the past
    • Legend Modifiers: Locked Loadout Added Shields Highest Level of Effectiveness: 1815
    • Equipment Locked: Once this action starts, you won’t be allowed to change your equipment.
  • Nighttime Master:
    • All of the past adverb’s
    • Master Modifiers: Additional Champions Locked Loadout, Extra Shields, Highest Effective Level 1820
    • Famine: All drops of ammo are cut down by a lot.


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