All Of The Warframe 10th Anniversary Gifts

All Of The War-frame 10th Anniversary Gifts:

War-frame is celebrating its 10th anniversary with its fans. During the event, you can earn a number of rewards. These rewards will only be accessible for a brief period, so you should play as soon as you can to get them.

Also, as it gets closer to the big event for War-frame fans, TennoCon 2023, which is on August 26, there will be more and more rewards. Here’s everything you require to understand about the 10th anniversary of War-frame and all the rewards you can get.

Ten years have passed since the famous War-frame space ninjas woke up from a thousand-year sleep to find themselves at odds with almost every group in the galaxy. Digital Extremes is offering up a lot of free stuff in the coming months to celebrate the game’s 10th birthday.

How To Get Every Prize:

All of the 10th anniversary event rewards will be released every two weeks, giving everyone plenty of time to earn them. There will be alerts in the game once a week that you can answer to get these rewards. But the next series won’t come out for another two weeks, so you missed out on the last rewards.

By taking part in War-frame’s 10-year anniversary event, you can get these prizes. As the development team at Digital Extremes draws nearer to TennoCon 2023, they will release a number of unique rewards.

The First Week (March 22–April 7):

Alert 1

Excalibur Dex Noggle
Smoking Body Ephemera

Alert 2

Excalibur Dex skin
Aura Forma

Weekend booster

Double Affinity Weekend from March 24 to March 27

The 10-year timeline constitutes one of the best parts of the declaration and the site celebrating the anniversary. It has a list of things that have happened, launch dates, a keep looking back in videos and thoughts from the team, as well as a lot more.

Go back to when the open beta started in 2013 or to when Fortuna was shown off at TennoCon in 2018.

The event will happen on August 26 in London, Ontario, Canada. This is the first time in three years that it will be held in person, as well as Digital Extremes expects a lot of players to show up.

Those who want to be among those thousands will have to be ready to buy tickets starting April 5 at 2 p.m. Eastern time. The TennoCon site will be used to buy things.


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