All Of The Ohn’ahran Plains Dragon Glyph Locations In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight

All Of The Ohn’ahran Plains Dragon Glyph Locations In World Of Warcraft Dragonflight:

With the addition of Dragonriding, World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight lets players take to the skies in a way that wasn’t possible before. In the beginning, you can only stay in the air for a short time.

By finding hidden glyphs all over the Dragon Isles, you can unlock skills in your Dragonriding tree that will make flying easier and almost limitless.

How To Get Dragon Riding Skills:

Once you get a little further in the story quest in The Waking Shores, you will be able to ride dragons and get your first dragon-riding mount. Soon after that, you’ll be sent to the Sky-top Observatory, where you’ll learn how to customize your dragon.

At the this point, you must start the mission Dragon Glyphs & You, which requires you to grab the Dragon Glyph nearby. Once you give this mission to Lithragosa, the dragon-riding trainer, you’ll be able to use your Dragon Glyphs on the talent tree to get better at dragon-riding.

All over the Dragonflight zones, you can find glyphs. Let’s go over where each Dragonriding Glyph is in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight zone Ohn’ahran Plains.

Where Are The Dragonriding Glyphs In The Ohn’ahran Plains:

In the Ohn’ahran plains, there are 12 Dragonriding glyphs to be found. On the map below, you can see where all of them are.


Dragonriding Glyphs


1 Rubyscale Outpost Coordinates are 80.13, 13.12. Located in the air
2 Mirewood Fen Coordinates are 78.43, 21.23. Located in the air
3 Rusza’thar Reach Coordinates are 86.45, 39.49. Located on top of the mountain
4 Dragonsprings Summit Coordinates are 84.30, 77.57. Located against the wall
5 Windsong Rise Coordinates are 61.50, 64.28. Located on top of the mountain
6 Ohn’iri Springs Coordinates are 57.14, 80.19. Located high in the air near the peak of the mountain
7 Mirror of the Sky Coordinates are 47.20, 72.27. Located high in the sky near the peak of the mountain.
8 Szar Skeleth Coordinates are 44.65, 64.75. Located in the broken tower
9 The Eternal Kurgans Coordinates are 29.55, 75.17. Located in the sky near the mountain peak
10 Emerald Gardens Coordinates are 30.14, 61.30. Located on top of the waterfall
11 Nokhudon Hold Coordinates are 30.63, 36.12. Located on top of the mountain peak
12 Ohn’ahra’s Roost Coordinates are 57.87, 30.98. Located on top of the bird statue

This should give you all of the Dragonriding glyphs in Ohn’ahran Plains. You can now use the 12 points you’ve earned to unlock new skills in your Dragonriding talent tree. This will make flying around the Dragon Isles much easier.


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