How To Get Rid Of Zombies In Minecraft

How To Get Rid Of Zombies In Minecraft:

In Minecraft, they are everywhere. They are probably the most dangerous group of people you will run into in dark tunnels, at night, or when it’s raining.

Zombies Can Infect Your Villagers:

Zombies have such an effect on the game that they can even take over and control Villages. They could indeed infect your Villagers & make them hostile, but you can make them friendly again so you can trade with them. Here’s how to heal Minecraft Zombie Villagers.

If you look around Minecraft, you might see a different kind of zombie. Villagers turned into zombies are a type of hostile mob. Rarely will they appear on their own, but depending on how hard the game is, if a zombie kills a normal villager, that villager might turn into a zombie villager.

Villagers have always been one of Minecraft’s most recognizable models. Every time a player comes across a village while travelling, it’s a nice surprise.

Required Materials:


How To Get It

Brewing Stand You can craft a Brewing Stand by placing a Blaze Rod in the center (middle section) and three Cobblestone along the bottom section of the crafting table; they might also be generated in villages and inside churches.
Fermented Spider Eye You can craft a Fermented Spider Eye using the crafting table. Place a Spider Eye (obtained from killing spiders) in the center (bottom section), a Brown Mushroom on the left (middle section), and Sugar in the center (middle section).
Golden Apple You can make your very own Golden Apple, although it’s quite expensive. You’ll have to place an Apple right in the center of the crafting grid and then fully surround it with Gold Ingots. Alternatively, they can sometimes be found when exploring mineshafts, dungeons, ruins, and the Woodland Mansion.
3 Water Bottles You can get Water Bottles by crafting Glass Bottles and then filling them with water. Place one glass on the left and another one on the right in the middle section of the crafting table, and then another glass in the center of the bottom section. Do this three times and then take the bottles to a water source to fill them.
Gunpowder There are three ways to obtain Gunpowder in Minecraft: you can purchase it from a Wandering Trader (although there’s a chance they won’t be selling it), loot it from chests as you explore, or farm Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches. Creepers are usually the easiest way to get gunpowder.
Blaze Powder If you place a Blaze Rod in a crafting grid, it’ll turn into two Blaze Powders.

How To Fix Zombie Villager:

In Minecraft, you need a Splash Potion of Weakness or a Golden Apple to heal a Zombie Villager. A Golden Apple can be made by putting together an Apple & eight Gold Ingots. Place the Apple in the middle slot and the Gold Ingots around it for the crafting recipe.

When you have your items, locate a Zombie Villager & trap it somewhere out of the sun, or it will catch fire and die. Splash it with your Potion of Weakness.

If you hit it, you’ll see grey swirls coming out of it, which shows that it is weak. Pull out the Golden Apple & give it to them before that effect wears off. In about a minute or two, the swirls would then turn red and change into Villagers.

You have to wait a little while, but once the change is done, you can trade with another Villager and get the Zombie Doctor achievement.


You can always bring a zombie to a village, even if there are no zombie villagers nearby. If a zombie kills a villager, there is a chance that the villager will turn into a zombie villager.

When A Zombie Villager Is Cured, The Following Things Happen:

Once the zombie villager is cured, he or she goes back to being a normal villager. If it had any weapons, armor, or tools in its hands, they would go away.

In Minecraft, if the villager was a baby before it became a zombie, the curing process would then turn it back into a baby villager. Once you heal an adult villager, they can get their old job back or even start a new one.

Advantages Of Curing A Zombie Villager:

Now that you know how to heal a zombie villager in Minecraft, the obvious question is why you should. Now, if you’re wondering, there are other benefits besides keeping villagers from becoming wild.

  1. If indeed the villager had such a job before it became a zombie, it’s going to get that job back once you heal it. And it will give you huge permanent discounts on trading that you can use.
  2. If you heal someone in a village, it also affects other people in the village. So, you can also expect the other villagers to give you some kind of discount when you trade with them.
  3. Lastly, curing the villager keeps other villagers from becoming zombies.


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