Advice From Ages Past How To Finish The Construct Factory Quest In Tears Of The Kingdom

Advice From Ages Past How To Finish The Construct Factory Quest In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you have to find a lot of Sages, including Mineru, the Sage of Spirit, who is a little hard to find. The “Guidance from Ages Past” quest is the last part of the “Find the Fifth Sage” task. It takes you to Mineru.

Guidance from Ages Past is the major quest within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Players can start it by talking to the Zonai Relic on Dragon Head Island, which is behind the big doors.

Fans must go down into the Depths, solve a few puzzles, and beat a boss in order to finish this quest. This guide will walk players through all of those steps and assist them as they reach the conclusion of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Guidance from Ages Past.

The main way to move the story forward in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is to go to the four parts of Hyrule and wake up the Sages of Fire, Water, Wind, as well as Lightning. The primary quest renders clear that there’s a fifth teacher to find, so it doesn’t end there.

In the Zelda series, the sages’ main jobs are to protect the Triforce and help Hyrule’s ruling family. This is part of the bigger Zelda story. In BOTW, Ganon was defeated with the help of four wise people from Hyrule’s towns. But, alas, it wasn’t enough to stop the disaster from happening again.

Mineru, the Zonai’s right hand in war, is the fifth sage added by Tears of the Kingdom. The goal to find Mineru, the fifth Sage, is important to the game and requires a lot of searching and putting things together.

This guide tells you how to begin Guidance From Ages Past as well as finish the Construct Factory in Tears of the Kingdom so that you can unlock Mineru.

How to Start Guidance From Ages Past:

Before beginning “Guidance from Ages Past,” you ought to complete the other parts of the “Find the Fifth Sage” quest. This means finishing the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” task and going to Dragon Head Island.

You could technically avoid the “Secret of the Ring Ruins” quest, but that would make getting around the sky islands harder and you would miss out on lore and story.

Once you get to Dragon Head Island, all you need done is open the door and talk to the mask behind it. This starts the quest “Guidance from Ages Past” to find Mineru, the fifth Sage.

Stay With The Light:

Once you take up the face mask, a laser will come out and point you beneath the island. Take the mask through the opening that has recently been opened and put it on outside.

By now, you probably understand what to do make a wing, add fans and a driving stick, and put it all together. Also, connect the face mask to the device.

Get off the rock and fly in the direction of the laser. Once you get down, take the mask off the wing and move it to where the laser is pointing.

A movie will play, and you’ll have to pick up the headgear again and take it to the next platform. The tower can be transformed into a lift that will take you downward to the Depths.

Put The Artifact Into The Machine:

Use the device that lets you fly to get down into the Depths. Once there, take the beam off of the Wing and bring it to the Altar, where the light ray is meant to go. This will cause a hidden door to open, revealing a stairs.

Keep holding the laser as well as go down the stairs to enter Tobio’s Hollow Chasm. Place the Relic within the middle of the spot once you get to the bottom. This Relic turns out to be the head of Mineru.

The Construct Factory where the fifth Sage can be found. It’s in the southeast part of the Depths, and the only way to get there is to put the Relic from Dragonhead Island on the Altar below.

Mineru is the fifth Sage in Tears of the Kingdom. He is called the Sage of Spirit. Mineru can remove her spirit from her body, which gives her the ability to live in and direct things. She is known for being Rauru’s sister.

Discover the Fifth Sage, the goal of discovering the fifth Sage, was a very important part of the game. It takes players upon a trip to Kakariko Village’s Ring Ruins.

From there, they go to the Thunderhead Isles within the sky and finally find a Spirit Temple hidden within the Depths. The end goal is to find Mineru and move forward in the task line.

How To Finish The Guidance Of Ages Past Quest:

To finish the Construct Factory quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Guidance From Ages Past, you have to construct a body for Mineru, the Sage of Time, to live in.

After you talk to Mineru, it’s a good idea to turn on the Muokuij Light Root to light up the whole area.

Near the Construct Factory, there are four different rooms called depots. Each depot has a distinct component of the Construct the right leg, right arm, left leg, as well as left arm. Go to each location, get the Construct part you need, and take it back to the Construct Factory.

Right-Leg Depot:

Northeast of the Construct Factory, Climb up to the roof, glide north, as well as head towards Uisihcoj Light-root. Follow the way from the Light-root to some broken ruins, then glide over to the bright door to get to the Right-Leg Depot.

When you do something with the Zonai interface, a box with the Right Leg is going to tumble down. The doors will close behind you. Take the box alongside Ultra-hand to the left lifts and ride them up.

You’ll find some bars and a “hook” in the next room. Attach a Fan to the box using Ultra-hand and hang it from the hook. Put the box on its long side so the hook can move along the rail. If you do it any other way, you’ll have to do it yourself. We know what we’re talking about.

Get to the door by running to the back of the room and using Ascend. Get the box and go up in the lift. Place the box right next to the Wing track, and then take the next lift up.

Use three zoneites to open the chest. Build a flying car, put the box upon the back of it, then ride it back towards the Factory. Bring the container to the Construct, then slide the Leg in.

Left-Leg Depot:

You can get to the Left-Leg Depot by going southeast towards the Construct Factory. You’ll be unable to get in if you walk in, look at the computer, and take the box.

Get the box as well as ride the celestial lift. On the right, you’ll see a Zonai Dispenser. Apply it if you need Zonai devices. On the other side, you’ll see a straight ramp and a crank.

Pop the box at the bottom of the ramp and attach one or two Rocket Zonai devices to it. These are within the corner of the room. We added a steering stick to ours as well.

Turn the crank counterclockwise until the ramp meets the lip on top. Stand upon the box as well as fire the rockets. You should be released right onto the open ledge.

Put the box on the road out of the station, and when you turn around, you’ll see a lift along with some lasers. Head up and use Ultrahand to take the box from behind the lasers.

Go back down, and if you want, connect a Cart and a Steering Stick to the box. You could also just take the box from the store to the building site by hand.

Left-Arm Depot:

Southwest of the Construct Factory is the Left Arm. This is yet another place where you can just walk in. Go up the stairs and connect with the device. You’ll receive your box as well as be locked in.

To open the door, hit the button on the left. Remember how it’s set up, because you’ll have to do it again later. You will be in a room full of fire.

Get the steering stick as well as put it on atop of the box. Then turn around and stick both of the Big Wheels upon the opposite side of the door to the box. Put your little car in motion as well as ride it through the lava.

In the next room, there’s a much narrower path that your wheels won’t fit across. You’ll have to take the car apart and put it back together again.

You can do this by putting the tires upon the short ends of the box or simply by putting the car back together in an odd way via the walls of the road. Then you can ride your horse through.

Climb the ladder and fly to a box with five Steering Sticks inside. Break it again when you get back to your car. Remember the door with the wheel? You have to make your own.

Put both wheels upon the door so that the arrows point in different directions. Then, attach the linkage to the wheel. Using the wheel, you can open the door. If you are unwilling to do that, you can use Ultra-hand and Recall together to use the box to hold the door open and slide through.

Open another chest alongside three areas, then take the Supporters from under the blades and the control stick on the far right to make a little raft inside the box.

Put the box within the water, then ride it across the bank of the river to get to the Factory. Put the arm in the box and bring it to the Construct.

Left Arm Depot:

Northwest of the Factory is the last station. Walk in that direction till you reach some high stone platforms, then Ascend to the door to the station. Again, you’ll need to talk to the device to unlock your box as well as be locked in.

You’ll see a Small Wheels-made conveyor belt to your right. Just put the box on it, and then it will ride up on its own. Keep going. You’ll see more wheels as well as a column that conducts energy.

First, drop down to take the zoneite from the box in the cave. Then take a pair Small Wheels from the conveyor belt and put them on the either side of the box. Place the box on top of the pole, then ride it to the opposite side.

You need to transform your box into a four-wheeled automobile in the next room. Add two more wheels and a steering stick to the box, or employ a single of the stone slabs to construct a bigger automobile.

Then, ride out of the station and toward the Factory to assemble the final component of the robot together.

Where The Spirit Temple Is:

Once you’ve put together all the parts, Mineru’s build will come to you. You may ride it and put guns and other tools on it to make it tougher. Equip whatever you want from the weapons she gives you and head to the Spirit Temple task point.

The trip to the Spirit Temple was short and not too complicated. You’ll fight a few small monsters along the way, which you can use in order to figure out how Mineru’s construction works. Link climbs on top of it as he swings its arms to hit with whatever you put on its arms.

We suggest stopping at Sijotu Light-root, whichever is on the way (1218, -2544, -0612) depending on which way you went (the Depths are confusing).

There is a Hinox located between the lightroot as well as the temple. You can kill it by shooting its eye as well as fighting it, or you simply run away from it if you don’t want Hinox drops.

Just past the Hinox was another tool that Mineru can use to build something. Put at least one gun on her. You’ll need it to make it easy to beat the boss. Between the weapons and the temple, there are a bunch of rocks that can be broken in any way you want.

You can use Mineru’s gun or hooked ball, Yunobo’s Sage ability, or just a normal Fused hammer. You ought to additionally utilize this time to learn how to use the gun adapter for Mineru.

As soon as you get through the rubble, you’ll see a lit-up warehouse filled with rockets. Put one on the back of the build and use it to get to the Spirit Temple.

How To Beat The Boss Of The Seized Construct:

The fight against the Seized Construct was pretty simple. The goal is to knock the boss through the barbed wire that surrounds the area. This may be done by blocking the boss’s close-range hits and then hitting him three times with a Spiked Iron Ball.

In Tears of the Kingdom, players can find these harmful items all over the battle field. This lets them connect them to their construct’s hands and use them as weapons during the fight.

When the Seized Construct’s health drops to 50%, it will start to hover and fire its guns from the air. Players can avoid this attack by moving about and using their construct’s “guard” ability. When the boss comes within for a landing, they should go on the offensive.

After doing this a few times, the Seized Construct may fall. This will let players get close to the Secret Stone and finish the main quest Guidance from Ages Past in Tears of the Kingdom.


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