How To Finish Simmerstone Springs In Tears Of The Kingdom

How To Finish Simmerstone Springs In Tears Of The Kingdom:

Within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, do you want to know how to finish Simmerstone Springs? Even though Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of plot content, don’t forget about the other things you can do.

Many people in Hyrule need assistance, and you can help them out during side tasks for a small prize. Kima, a non-player character, went upon a long journey to find a hidden hot spring.

But because there isn’t much known about this place, it’s in need of your help. And our guide was here to help you finish the side quest within Zelda Tears of the Kingdom called “Simmerstone Springs.”

Within The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, gamers have to figure out how to fight the darkness that is taking over the land as they move through Hyrule and the Sky Islands.

During this trip, there are side tasks that you can do to get supplies, tools, or Rupees. Discovering Simmerstone Springs nearby Goron City is a worthwhile side task.

The Simmerstone Springs task gives players more than one prize and leads them to a useful yet dangerous place in the hot woods near Death Mountain.

You can’t get to Simmerstone Springs without the right gear, so this guide has everything you need to finish the Tears of the Kingdom side quest.

When you go to Goron City, you can talk to a person named Kima. He or she is looking at the people who are no longer mesmerized with the marbled rock they were consuming.

Now that things have settled down, Kima can tell you that they traveled to the city to find a place called Simmerstone Springs.

Here’s what you require to know to finish Tears of the Kingdom’s Simmerstone Springs.

Simmerstone Springs Side Task Walkthrough:

Make sure to finish the main story goals for the Yunobo of Goron City before you start the Simmerstone Springs quest. Link and Yunobo will have to work together to locate the root of the red marbled rock as well as break the spell it put on the people of the city.

After this quest, Yunobo will become a master and you’ll be able to use his power. The side quest for Kima, Simmerstone Springs, is now ready to be done.

Kima told me that he had been searching for an undiscovered hot spring in the Tears of the Kingdom area. The hot spring was called Simmerstone Springs, but he didn’t have much information to help him figure out where it was.

He only said to search for the Goron Hot Springs to see if they were close by. I was ready to find this place upon the map, which will be right south of where I was, in Goron City.

Where Is Goron Hot Spring?

After you find out where the hidden spring exists, be careful to stock up on bomb flowers or tools that can be used to crush rocks, because you’ll be doing a lot of that.

Go to the Gorko Tunnel, which is south-east of the Goron Hot Springs and has a red arch over the entry at coordinates 1992, 2043, as well as 0424.

Go into the tube and go to the back. There are some caved-in rocks that can be removed. You may additionally use the Sage of Fire’s power to break stones without using any resources. It will just take a little longer.

To get to the next room, you’ll have to break through several layers of rocks. If you follow the barrier to the left, you’ll find more rocks that need to be broken.

Keep smashing the rocks until you find the hidden spring. Watch the cutscenes below to finish the task, get your prize, and get a second chance to heal within the hot spring.

Where To Look For Gorko Tunnels:

I had to make a few clumsy weapons by putting rocks on the front of them. This helped me break via the rocks. I couldn’t use explosives because the caves were too hot. If I did, I would have caused a lot of harm.

In Tears of the Kingdom, I could only use blunt tools, so I had to cut through a pair of layers of solid rock before I could find the opening to Simmerstone Springs.

Within Tears of the Kingdom, as soon as they found the opening to Simmerstone Springs, Kima told them they heard a loud crash and should go look. He was puzzled.

I found the opening and then took a relaxed dip within the hot springs while eating hard-boiled eggs. After the short discussion, I finished the quest and learned how to prepare hard-boiled eggs within Tears of the Kingdom.

What Is Your Rewards:

Kima will give you 100 Rupees and let you take the three Boiled Eggs that he just cooked in Simmerstone Springs.

You might want to leave the area quickly, but you can find a Bubbul Frog in the next level of the cave. If you shoot the strange creature, you’ll get a Bubbul Gem, which you may exchange with Koltin in Tears of the Kingdom for different prizes.


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