7 Tips to apply for creating live videos on social media

creating live videos on social media

It is the age of social media. Everything from communication purposes to the advertising, marketing and creating the whole business venture from scratch, social media is begin used for this. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the top social media platforms that have done well in terms of the platform experience and the number of users they have made. These social media platforms are being used to advertise the brands and different businesses throughout the world. To adopt this approach of advertising and marketing your products these social media platforms have made a way of using their “Going Live” feature. This feature allows any user to directly creating video through the social media platform using any device. This will allow many people to watch your videos live along with that these people will be able to comment or communicate with the person in the live video. Many celebrities are using this feature to interact with their fans.

If you are looking for increasing your followers on any social media platform then making live videos and interacting with your followers is very important. There are few tips that have been tested that you can use which will help you in creating good live videos and attract many people as you can.

Here are the few most important tips that you should use to create good meaningful videos. The first tip is to Add Value, it means that when you are going for live videos you should know that what message you are going to convey to your followers. The message can be related to anything as long this message is important to your followers. The second tip is planning the whole message before going live. If you are not confident enough to go for a live video, then planning before that will help you a lot. The third tip is to make your message convey in a storytelling manner. Your story will have a start, a mid and an end. Conveying your message in bits will help you interact with the followers as well along with the message.

The fourth tip is to go live with a friend, it surely helps a lot when you have someone to support you in conveying your message so better tag along with someone if you feel nervous going live along. The fifth tip is for those people who have a problem speaking life or in front of people. To build up the confidence you can always go learn some public speaking classes which will help you a lot in building up confidence and it will improve your speaking skills.

One of the most important is to have a good internet connection because if you don’t have that then your message will be disrupted by continuous miscommunication. So better test your connection first then go live otherwise it will be a disaster. The last tip is to be flexible, try to make this point as the most important one. With being flexible you can allow yourself to realize the technical difficulties and other problems which can be a problem in many live videos that people for so it should not be a worry.


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