Guide For A First Time Developer For Contribution To WordPress With Regards To Custom Software Development

It is no doubt that WordPress is huge along with its community. The platform has always been built upon collaboration of various kind of developers with their talent, contributing to the whole project.

Development with WordPress is very much easy, whether you do bug testing or contributing directly to WordPress core, or in any other way. With the help of this article, you’ll come to know about the various ways by which you can start contributing to WordPress. You can hire the best web designing company to build your website and grow your online presence.

Meaning Of Contributing To WordPress

Firstly, it should be kept in mind that WordPress is the future of web development. There are various future as well as recent WordPress innovations that you may want to get involved in, which will help you to work in tandem with a custom software development firm.

Since, WordPress is open-source, therefore anyone and everyone can get involved in the project. If you are a developer, it will not only help to contribute to base code, but also on documentation, support requests, and more. So, let’s see how can you specifically contribute to WordPress, in the following different ways.

Three Ways To Contribute To WordPress

    • Improving Documentation Of WordPress – Even if you have no knowledge about development, it’s no doubt that you have browsed the WordPress Codex page at least. This community tries to document everything, like in a wiki-style format. This will be the knowledge base for the user and the platform.

      But, it is extremely very difficult to keep it continuously updates, and that’s why a contribution to the WordPress Codex is of immense value. With the help of Codex, you have to maintain and administer everything, including tags and pages. You have to create and manage content, including translation and editing. You also have to get involved in the growth and evolution of Codex, by joining the mailing list and also regular group chats.


  • Helping To Develop Plugins, Themes, And WordPress’ Core – If you’re good with development, then you definitely want to contribute to the themes, plugins and also WordPress’ core code. Since the impact of WordPress is very much far-reaching, therefore, it is very much necessary that people or users do start to contribute to the platform. You can help in writing the code, even testing it as well, or updating the overall associated documentation. Documentation also includes inline and Javascript docs files as well.


  • At the Make WordPress Website Find Another Area Of Interest – Apart from contributing to the core part of the platform, you can also use your skills to contribute to a higher level platform as well. The Make WordPress website is the central hub for all kinds of development. There are various dedicated teams specializing in design, mobile apps, accessibility, etcetera. For example, the team for Mobile WordPress is focused on making WordPress smooth for mobile devices. There will developers with knowledge of Java, Objective-C and also Swift too.

    You can be part of the Tide team, WP-CLI team and also the Test team as well, including any other small team where your expertise lies. For example, the Test team deals with Quality Assurance.


When it comes to publishing websites, WordPress has really cornered the market with its collaborative function. It is the most versatile and easy to use platform. So, by giving back to the community, you will also come to know more as well, making you gain experience.


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