All Professors In Hogwarts Legacy

All Professors In Hogwarts Legacy:

Hogwarts Legacy’s brand of role-playing, action, and fantasy open-world will take players and fans of the Harry Potter universe to the world’s most famous school of magic and wizardry. However, it takes place many years before the events narrated in the original work, which means having to learn Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and more with new, unknown professors.

After all, the more we learn in these classes, the stronger our wizard will be come, as players will be able to fine tune their skills.

Who could make us forget about Snape, McGonagall, Hagrid, and the countless teachers of Defense Against the Dark Arts? Avalanche Software’s Hogwarts Legacy does try, though. The professors have a significant impact on the lives of Hogwarts students. Without them, it’s undoubtedly not Hogwarts. In this guide, we’ll go over their names, subjects, houses, and personality.

List Of All Professors In Game:

Phineas Black

Role: Headmaster
House: Slytherin

Phineas Nigellus Black, who is still regarded as the least beloved Headmaster Hogwarts has ever had, makes no attempt to conceal his complete contempt for his pupils. He is a pure-blooded cantankerous, indolent, and conceited man with a narrow perspective on the world and an arrogant, unjustifiably superior attitude. His objective is to work as little as possible and avoid contact with the students since he is so utterly unsuited for the position. Instead, he prefers to concentrate on his standing in the wizarding community and his well trimmed beard.

Albert Fig:

House: Gryffindor

a wizard who teaches Hogwarts’ Magic Theory course. A pivotal figure in your adventure as he looks into the cause of Ranrok’s uprising.

Academician Dinah Heckert:

House: Slytherin

She has a reputation for being both rigorous and likeable. She took her responsibilities as a teacher very seriously, and she used an active teaching style.

Weasley Matlida:

Role: Transfiguration
House: Gryffindor

a witch who ultimately rises to the position of Deputy Headmistress while teaching Transfiguration at Hogwarts. She will ultimately direct you to the critical game location known as the Room of Requirement.

Academician Abraham Ronen

Slytherin House

He is outgoing and has a cheeky gleam in his eye. In addition to the topic of charms, Ronen gave equal weight to the students, friendships, & extracurricular activities.

Weasley, Matilda

Transfiguration is the part
Residence: Gryffindor

Matilda Weasley is a highly skilled witch with experience breaking curses for the Ministry. She is renowned for her poise and amazing wandwork. She is a respected Deputy Headmistress who is a stern but fair Transfiguration Professor and a bit frightening. In order to bring the player up to speed with their studies, Professor Weasley introduces them to their Wizard’s Field Guide as well as the Room of Requirement, two essential tools for a fresh fifth-year with a lot to learn.

Ingrid Garlick

teaches: herbology
house: Hufflepuff

Professor Garlick, who was born in London and was raised in a Muggle-dominated environment, did not really feel at home unless she enrolled at Hogwarts.
She will even claim that she finally “blossomed” and found her remarkable affinity for magical plants at the renowned wizardry and witchcraft school.
She charms coworkers with her upbeat personality and lyrical vocabulary, making some students fear she would one day quit them for another greenhouse. Yet, Mirabel Garlick will never abandon her pupils. Thus even if the appropriate opportunity presented itself, she would just need to share Mirabel’s passion for Hogwarts.

Dhyana Hecat

teaches: Defense Against the Dark Arts
House: Ravenclaw

The strict but endearing professor Hecat takes her duties as a teacher very seriously. She resigned from the Ministry of Magic after a successful career, during which she is said to have spent time in the Department of Mysteries, and she now teaches defence against the dark arts at Hogwarts. While being content to stay at Hogwarts, some people think her practical approach to teaching satisfies an underlying need for action.

Sharp Aesop

teaches: magic
House: Slytherin

The stern and sharply observant Professor Sharp had a long and prosperous career as an Auror until an accident drove him out of the game.
Sharp believed his time would be better spent discussing his enormous knowledge of battle-worthy draughts & elixirs with the kids at Hogwarts than than pushing paper about a desk at the Ministry. He takes true delight in his pupils who succeed in his class despite his rigorous curriculum since he is not easily impressed and is completely unwilling to bear idiots.


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