The Solution To The Hogsmeade Merlin Trial Is As Follows

The Solution To The Hogsmeade Merlin Trial Is As Follows:

The Merlin Trials are a series of unique puzzles and tests that were designed by the great wizard Merlin many years ago and are included in the Hogwarts Legacy game. There are almost to one hundred of them dispersed over the area surrounding Hogwarts, and although some of them are more straightforward to do than others, they are all as important. Around Hogwarts Station, which is located a little distance to the southeast of Hogsmeade hamlet and just across the lake from the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry, you’ll find one of the more difficult tests associated with Merlin.

The Merlin Trials provide you access to more inventory spaces, so enabling you to carry a greater number of things. This article details each and every place and answer for the Merlin Trials that can be found in Hogsmeade.

In Hogwarts Legacy, you may develop your magic and your relationships with the other characters by completing a number of optional side tasks and objectives. They can be found throughout the game. Alongside side tasks, you’ll also come across various puzzles, tunnels, and trials. You may increase the number of Gear Inventory spaces available in Hogwarts Legacy by competing in the Merlin Trials, which are one of the activities that are spread around the Highlands.

Every single place on the Merlin Trial:

  • There are 16 Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Valley
  • There are 15 Merlin Trials in South Hogwarts Region
  • There are 16 Merlin Trials in Feldcroft Region
  • There are 10 Merlin Trials in Poidsear Coast
  • There are 5 Merlin Trials in Hogsmeade Valley
  • There are 5 Merlin Trials in North Hogwarts Region
  • There are 5 Merlin Trials in Manor Cape
  • There are 5 Merlin Trials in Cragcroftshire
  • There are 5 Merlin Trials in Clagmar Coast
  • There are 4 Merlin Trials in Marunweem Lake
  • There are 4 Merlin TrialsĀ  in the North Ford Bog
  • There are 3 Merlin Trials in Forbidden Forest
  • There are 2 Merlin Trials in South Sea Bog

The Following Steps Will Guide You Through The Hogwarts Station Merlin Trial:

At the ticket office at Hogsmeade Station, go in a southerly direction along the platform of the station, passing below the bridge. After falling the full distance off the platform, you will need to make a left turn and go backwards down the dirt track. The Merlin Test may be found in the grove of trees on the right.

In order to complete the Hogsmeade Station Merlin Challenge, you will need to quickly use one of your fire spells in order to light three braziers. As the braziers are relatively far from one another, it’s likely that you won’t be able to use Incendio to its full potential. You’ll need to know Confringo in order to complete this Merlin Trial, so if you haven’t already, you should keep working through the main plot objectives until you do. After you acquire Confringo, it is possible to strike all three braziers without travelling too far from the Merlin Trial Marker in order to do so. Using the spell “Revelio” will highlight in blue the tops of the braziers, which you may use if you are having difficulties locating them.

The first brazier may be found on a pillar just beyond the end of the Hogsmeade Station wall, which is to the southwest of the Merlin Trail marking.

The second brazier may be found to the south of the monument for the Merlin Trail, atop a large pillar that is located in front of the Hogsmeade Station wall.

The third brazier may be found just to the north of the marking for the Merlin Trial, in front of a short wall. It is not supported by a pillar but rather is placed on the ground.

To finish the Hogsmeade Station Merlin Trial, you need to use Confringo to strike all three of those braziers in as little time is possible, regardless of the sequence in which you do it.


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