Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Obsidian Berry Location

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Obsidian Berry Location:

The newest installment in the Xenoblade series, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, is jam-packed with incredible fantasy elements and game-play that is very addicting. Nevertheless, locating certain materials in the game’s over-world might be a challenge, particularly when it comes to vital things that are required to complete objectives inside the game.

Obsidian Berries are a special kind of object that may be found strewn around in a certain region, and you will need them in order to successfully complete a quest.

Use Of Obsidian Berry:

Creation of the following Attacker Gem at Campsite.

Refined Blessing VII:

  • Ultra Pure Gemstonex1
  • Antol Leg Chitin(Legendary) x2
  • Well-Aged Camill Juices(Rare) x3
  • Obsidian Berry(Rare) x1
  • Ether Cylinderx2
  • Amoney Flower Lure(Common) x3
  • Marrin Bone(Legendary) x2

Accurate Grace VII:

  • Flak Simple Eye (Legendary) x2
  • Taos Wingtip (Rare) x3
  • Myoot Beak (Legendary) x2
  • Shoox Earplate (Common) x3
  • Obsidian Berry (Rare) x1
  • Ultra Pure Gemstone x1
  • Ether Cylinder x2


In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Obsidian Berry may be collected as a collectible. They are essential to the production of a wide variety of jewels and may be found all across the Pentelas Area.

Get knowledge about Colony 11 when you have unlocked both the Hero Ashera and Colony 11, and then talk about what you’ve learned during a Rest Stop.

Upon the completion of the debate, the side mission titled “Three Ravens at War” will become accessible. A Warriors’ Pride, Indomitable, and Laws of the Hunt are the three additional tasks that may be completed while on this main quest.

Get additional information about Colony 11 & talk about it during a rest stop in order to unlock all three of its quests. These tasks are not for the faint of heart, and we strongly advise that you wait until you are level 48 or above before attempting them.

The side mission known as “The Laws of the Hunt” is the only place where Obsidian Berries have any use. The Laws of the Hunt Quest is initiated by having a conversation with the Hex in Colony 11. You will be given a mission to gather 10 Mon-strum Mangoes & 10 Obsidian Berries after she has finished speaking with you.

Locations Of Obsidian Berries Are As Follows:

As a fortunate bonus, the Obsidian Berries have been highlighted on your map with a blue question mark as part of the side-quest titled “The Laws of the Hunt.” In the Pentelas Area, the berries may be found scattered throughout the ground all along the big branch trail or the wooden walkways.

Even after you have finished the side quest ‘The Laws of the Hunt,’ you will still be able to find Obsidian Berries in the Penelas Area. Obsidian Berries are uncommon collectibles that don’t have any purpose other than finishing the task they’re associated with.

They may be found in a variety of different places. As soon as you locate the berries, gather as many as you can, then leave the area to explore other areas; when you return, more berries will have appeared.

Talk to the Hexen once more after you have collected Berries & Mon-strum Mangos, mangoes are common goods that may be found everywhere. Doing so will allow you to finish The Rules of the Hunt. After your conversation with the Hexen, you will need to arrange to meet Captain Easel at the blue exclamation mark located in the Fornis area.

To engage in combat with Hentis Ansel, it will be helpful for you to follow the footprints that are pointed out by the easel. Return to Colony 11 after vanquishing the avian monster, then speak with Brandon near the blue exclamation mark to finish the objective.


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