Xbox Game Pass Teases All-New Big Game

Recently, the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account did announce a teaser image for a new game that will come to the service of the players.

All the fans and players will be happy to know that there will be an all-new big game that they will be able to enjoy and play with excitement, joy, and thrill. 

You must know that the image will feature a rainbow that can be seen over the castle with six towers. That surely seems to be quite a clear indication that the Rainbow Six Siege is all set to come to the Xbox gaming console.

Yes, the players will be happy to know that they can be able to play the new and big game, Rainbow Six Siege at any point in the near future. It will be essential for you to know that till the date Microsoft and Ubisoft will make an official announcement, there is so much to know.

You will not be able to know whether the game will be available to both PC as well as console versions of Xbox Game Pass or not. But you must know that the new game edition of Rainbow Six Siege will surely be another exciting addition for the players.

Over the last few years, the Rainbow Six Siege game has been a steady stream of content and the game has been released earlier in 2015. It will be possible for the game title to see the next-gen update on PlayStation 5 as well as Xbox Series X.

There will also be an addition of 4K resolution along with the 120 fps. One thing is sure that all the fans and players have been eagerly waiting to enjoy playing the game, Rainbow Six Siege that Xbox Game Pass will include. 


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