World’s First Tiny Fidget Spinner Phone Has Been Released in India


So here it goes – another popular fad of last few years is being picked by phone makers. Fidget spinners, which shot to prominence in last few years, have now become the feature of choice for a mobile phone maker. And as a result, we’ve got world’s first Fidget spinner phone. That’s right – a company called Chilli International has made K188, the world’s first fidget spinner feature phone, which is available for purchase in India. You can see it in the image given above.

World's First Tiny Fidget Spinner Phone Has Been Released in India
World’s First Tiny Fidget Spinner Phone Has Been Released in India

Now, this is not a typical smartphone which doesn’t even fit in the pocket. It’s smaller than feature phones even, because it’s meant to be spinned in the middle of fingers. So this phone comes with 1.4-inch screen, a physical keyboard, Bluetooth and up to 8GB of expandable memory. Its battery is a mere 280 mAh, and it comes with a charging holder. It’s a single SIM phone, and it has been priced between Rs. 1,200 and Rs. 1,300 (roughly $18 – $20).

The color options of Chilli K188

Here’s what Michael Feng, the India unit head of Chilli International, said about the launch of device:

“We see India as one the fastest growing markets for cell phones with the second largest population in the world. Our focus for the quarter in on strengthening our brand in the Indian soil.”

As you can see from its specs and look, it’s a very, very basic phone that’s primarily meant to save you some space in your pocket, which would otherwise have been spent in carrying a separate fidget spinner. There’s hardly any point in getting it if you don’t like fidget spinners. You should get it only if you’re a fidget spinner lover.

Now, if you wanna purchase it then it’s available for purchase through both online and offline mediums. If you want to buy it online then you can do so from its Amazon India product page. On the other hand, if you want to get it offline then you will have to visit your nearby retail store which sells it.

The fidget spinners have historically been known as stress and anxiety relievers, but later it turned out that there was no connection between both these things. So once it became clear, the popularity of fidget spinners slowly died. However, since last year they’ve shot to prominence once again. Their popularity increased manifolds after it was learned that Judi Dench owns one of them and Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow had also gifted one to her son.


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