With The Galaxy S23, Samsung Offers A Compelling Case For Purchasing Its Less Expensive Phone

With The Galaxy S23, Samsung Offers A Compelling Case For Purchasing Its Less Expensive Phone:

There was just the iPhone when it originally debuted in 2007. There was no such thing as a Pro, Plus, or Ultra. We knew there will be three new Galaxy S23s at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023, not just one. Although our Galaxy S23 Ultra review found the phone to be extremely exciting, Samsung has made a compelling case for staying with the most cheap member of the Galaxy S23 family this year.

The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus were the first phones to have a model mix. Apple needed a larger iPhone to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note, which wasn’t a big seller but received a lot of praise and attention for its surprisingly (for the time) massive screen.

Because it already had the Note, Samsung didn’t need a Plus variant. You got the water-resistant Galaxy S5 if you wanted a smaller phone. You purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 if you needed a bigger phone.

There Was An Edge Before The Plus:

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S6 Edge with the Galaxy S6. It had a somewhat different appearance, with sharply curved sides as well as a higher price tag, but no other distinctions. It had the same dimensions as the Galaxy S6.

When the Galaxy Note 5 was released later that year, Samsung also released a pen-free version of same phone, dubbed the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The Galaxy Note’s huge screen form factor was retained, while the Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved glass edges were retained. It didn’t come with a S Pen.

Okay, Samsung names their phones the Galaxy S6 Edge+, not “Plus,” but a “+” symbol is bad for search traffic and looks horrible in text, so we decided to type it. The + works well on a phone logo but not on a phone narrative.

The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was the first to provide many versions on the same theme. The Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge were released the following year. Then came the Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 Plus, as well as the Plus moniker became synonymous with the bigger version of the same phone across companies.

At first, this didn’t seem so awful since the positive was just larger. It possessed the same cameras, CPU, and other features that made the phone great. Of course, the battery will be larger since the larger phone can accommodate a larger battery. This is reasonable. Otherwise, Plus just meant additional screen space. Small screen enthusiasts were not treated as second-class citizens.

That changed with the release of the iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max. You could only have all Apple has to offer with those phones if you paid more and bought larger. A 3rd camera lens was included with the iPhone 11 Pro. The base-model iPhone 11 retained the same A13 Bionic processor as the Pro model, however performance parity would be lost with the iPhone 14.

Samsung released the Galaxy Unpacked shortly after the iPhone 11. It skipped the numbering from Galaxy S10 to Galaxy S20, which was a sensible decision in early 2020. The Galaxy numbering now corresponds to the year. That same year, we saw the simply bigger Galaxy S20 Plus, as well as the first Ultra, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which added an additional camera above the basic model and increased the megapixels across all camera sensors.

‘Ultra is better’ has become accepted orthodoxy; if you want the greatest phone, get that one. Apple has the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but the iPhone 15 Ultra is expected next year.

This year, One-plus has taken the unusual step of condensing its portfolio. It has merely unveiled a pre-announced One-plus 11, with no Pro model. Of course, that phone won’t be available until February 7, so there might be more information to come. One-Plus also tends to upgrade its current generation in the middle of the year, so who knows what we’ll see in six months.

The Galaxy S23 Is Large Enough Without The Ultra:

“I purchased a new camera, it’s incredibly sophisticated,” my favorite comic Stephen Wright stated on his album I Still Have A Pony. You don’t even need it.” This year, I recommend avoiding the Galaxy S23 Ultra. This 200-megapixel sensor is so sophisticated that it is unnecessary.

This is due to the fact that picture magic occurs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform, not simply the camera sensor. Sure, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has the huge, flashy Samsung ISOCELL HP2 sensor, but so do the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus, as well as all Galaxy S23 phones benefit from the Snapdragon’s better image processing.

That implies that even the entry-level model should see considerable improvements in low-light skills as well as pixel-binning picture skills, which combine pixels to create a more polished, smaller image. All Galaxy S23 versions can shoot in 50MP RAW format, which is comparable to the biggest photographs produced by the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

What Do You Receive For Spending So Much More?

What else do you get for spending so much more on the Ultra? You gain additional storage, but most people save their photographs, movies, and music in the cloud rather than on their smartphone. If you’re not a skilled You-Tuber shooting gobs of 4K video, 128GB should enough. You also get a S Pen, which you probably don’t need as much as the 200MP camera sensor. If a stylus is required, opt for the Ultra; if you’re undecided, skip it. You’ll forget the phone has a pen at all.

What the phones share is more essential. The Galaxy S23 has all of the power and capabilities of the Ultra. The display is quick and brilliant, and the design is very polished. You receive all of the same software capabilities as well as the majority of the same camera accessories. Space Zoom is available, although it is only 30x rather than 100x. The moon will be seen from a greater distance.

In every location, the Galaxy S23 Ultra costs over 50% more than the Galaxy S23. That’s a significant gap that’s difficult to explain if you’re trying to save money. The Galaxy S23 is hardly a significant step down from the Ultra. It’s a flagship phone in and of itself, with the power to back up its claim.

This year, you don’t have to pay more money to acquire the greatest Samsung phone. Spending more money will bring you advanced options you might not need, but it will not improve the phone. In the Galaxy S23, Samsung provides practically everything you need, this year makes a persuasive case that the less expensive model is the one to select.


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