Why You Need Email Security Service Provider For Your Business Mail?

About 153 million Adobe accounts were breached in October 2013. Every single one of these accounts had a clear text containing all the text email for their customers. Since the cryptography of the passwords was done poorly, the email encryption hacked, and thus the passwords were decrypted very easily.

And since Adobe accounts need a valid email address to work, these email addresses were taken up by the hackers and soon lots of spam and phishing emails followed. Therefore, if not used correctly, email is dangerous.

In the 21st century, email has been a huge part of consumers and businesses alike. In 2015, there were almost 205 billion emails sent every day. The important role played by email, also makes it quite vulnerable to attacks, and this is why email security services are very much necessary.

There have been several email scams relating to companies such as Xero, eWay, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank, Energy Australia, Origin Energy, etcetera. The main advantage of security services for email is that the email service protection always sits in front of the mail. The protection service helps in scanning and putting up a firewall so that every email sent or received can be tracked. Also, any sudden increase in the number of emails sent from your end will also be tracked and indicated that there might be a problem at your email server end.

Following are some of the reasons why e-mail security service is very important in today’s world:

  • Preventing Phishing And Malware It is very essential to protect your business email from such dangerous attacks. Email protection services help in filtering emails even before it reaches your main provider’s servers. You can also tell your email security services to where deliver the filtered emails. Also, you have to train your business staff too, in order to deal with suspicious emails. Therefore, along with technology and training, one can easily combat the various frauds and scams that can occur via emails.
  • Business Data ProtectionIn the earlier segment, we’ve dealt with keeping suspicious emails out of the organization. But how do you protect your own data from leaving the organisation? Email security services contain a technology known as DLP or Data Loss Prevention. This technology scans outgoing emails for sensitive data. This sensitive data is not only restricted to checking for credit card numbers, or various file copies but also other complicated and complex things as well. This is why electronic mail security is very significant.
  • Denial Of Service Protection This is another reason why you should opt for email security service providers. This attack is totally independent of any human error. In this attack, the mail servers of the company or organization are overloaded, and therefore the functionality suffers. These type of attacks flood the inbox will large volumes of emails along with attachments, and therefore lead to major wastage of time. Email security solutions like DuoCircle.com provide resilient data centers in order to prevent attacks like these.


It can be easily seen that using email security services, it becomes easier for your organisation to handle and manage the day to day emails and tasks, without any problems. There have been some of the 2018 worst hacks and as well as, 2018 July Data Breaches, which you can read more to find out. An email security provider will definitely aid in negating hacks and breaches like these.


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