Why should you have a VoIP office Telephone?

The VoIP telephones are the newest improvement in the telephone communication system. Though the smartphone has grown light years ahead of the traditional landline system many official establishments stick to them for a purpose.

We already have alternates for that in the name of VoIP phones which is strong in interconnectivity and connectivity within the office. IP based and PBX phones have become go-to solutions in business organizations and small offices in the recent and we will see why.

Traditional landline phones and their limitations

How advanced smartphones have grown, people still prefer a desk phone for the office purpose. They require an easily workable phone at hands reach. Traditional analog telephones were serving the purpose but not good enough anymore.

They use analog communication through a wire that runs all the way from the telephone to the substation and hence the cables are very much prone to damage and interference which is not expected to happen on official line. When video calls have become more feasible these analog telephones are not capable of them due to the low data transfer rate and lack of video calling standards.

What is VoIP Telephone?

VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) is more reliable and functional replacement to take over the traditional desk phones. Internet Protocol is used as the medium of communication to connect across the globe. It doesn’t require a wire to be connected at all. It requires an active internet connection of any form in return. Also, the device needs a power supply, unlike older desk phones. In-built battery power can also be used in case of power failure.

Video calling is most common in offices and a few meetings happen over the internet nowadays with the help of Skype and other similar services. The same is made possible now in the IP phones with the help of internet. Most of the IP phones come with a screen additional speakers and microphone to help with conference calls having more than one people from the same side.

Advantages of IP phone

Portability: These devices are not fixed to any geographical location. You can move it to different locations, and set it up with the internet connection and you are good to go.

Flexibility: if one of your broadband connection crashes or goes down you need not worry. You can connect it to any internet source and have an uninterrupted connection.

Cost reduction: IP phones cause less operational cost that traditional desk phones.

Features: advanced calling features like conference calling with multiple receivers and video conferencing in HD quality is made accessible out of the PC.

Varieties: there are a lot of VoIP phones to suit different office needs. Yealink authorized distributor in uae has a great variety of devices to suit everyone’s need.

Disadvantages of IP phone

There is not much to consider the drawbacks of an IP phone. But the lack of power supply was nice with analog phones. With IP phones too they do not cause much difference as it has an inbuilt battery to last the short while of power failure.


Advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages and its time you get one for your own office to get rid of the hassles of wires. Please check out VoIP Office Phones for extraordinary buying options, best price and great after sales support.


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